Concert Freebies : Don’t miss to read :)

One day a friend has given me a Ticket for a musical concert which was offered to him as a freebie in his office. He works for a News Media.

I too was excited as the concert to be performed by my favorite stars. The concert has just begun, by the time I reached there. Moment I reached the hall I got a terrifying sight of two people checking the tickets. My inner voice was warning me that I was gonna be caught and they will identify that I do not belong to the organisation.

Somehow I managed to walk towards them and my eyes were giving them some suspicious looks. They have asked the right question which I was praying not to be asked. “Are you the artist of this News company?”

“Yes” I said. Then they talked to each other something and said “Come let’s go to your editor, just now he has gone inside”.

I could neither confess nor walk in. They just held my hands and took me in. I was horrified to see the editor, a stout guy in branded suits.

They asked him “Sir, is he working for your organisation?”. He replied to give me a shocker in a ferocious tone “Yes, He is! what you want now and disturbing me in the middle of the concert?” They apologized “sorry sir” and left me a seat beside him.

I was sitting beside him speechless for few minutes and then I opened my words. “Ssss… Sir, Thanks for saving my face in front of this crowd, you know i am not working for your organisation” I was waiting for his answer.

He replied “Its ok, its all mutual help we can do for each other, in fact who I am not the editor of that company, but my friend” He smiled and got back listening to the concert 🙂

God what I should say now? 🙂

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