Snippet Thoughts : A Humane day

A day in life I came across different kind of humane personalities exists in women.Morning – A woman was carrying a baby in her hand sat on the conductor’s seat, later when he returned he asked her to leave his seat to him. Then she was standing in bus. Two working professional women were playing with the baby… later the baby started crying to see outside by sitting in the seat. 

The mother looked around for seats or anyone who can offer one. I was standing beside the mother, asked a guy to help. He turned his face. I tried asking the two professionals, but they were busy on their phones, not playing with the baby anymore then.

The weeping increased. Later i interrupted a guy from listening to songs in his iphone, requested him. He offered seat. The baby started smiling, seeing cars and bikes through window. 🙂

Infact the gentleman goes to the last destination of the bus. I looked at the two young women, they were imitating head ache and shown tiredness (do not know which academy they had done their graduation in drama:) ) I laughed inside.. Got down as I arrived at my stop.

Only thing all need to understand is that all guys are not bad and all girls are not good too. Even a woman was not helping another woman, they do exist in the same country we live.

My evening was a controversy of the morning. Just walking on the platforms of T.Nagar. A beggar affected by polio was shivering in the platform for alms. I thought someone was drunk and fallen, I just walked past before I could notice his illness. Just when i was i about to turn towards him and drop some money, I had seen a girl returning from her walk from the opposite side and offered him some money and went back. She walked all the way in the traffic to help the guy. 

She could have walked ignoring him. She was good in heart. Then i too given some money to him and walked home… She was not beautiful on looks but so beautiful inside. 🙂  

I feel this, just asking the same to all who read this. Neither we gonna get below the poverty line if we offer some money to the needy nor they become a millionaire with our money. So why to lame ourselves searching for change and coins, when we decided to help?

That day I felt the Humanity still prevails… Let it be more 🙂

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