“A Love Letter at my 60” Heart melting Story. Never miss to read it.

We found this beautiful story on http://deepinsidesouls.blogspot.in/ sharing the same. Must read one.

How you react if you got a love letter at your 60 s
I am in a situation to react.

Life has been so tough for me as a woman
In return I remained more rigid to the life too.

Had lived through my life and nothing left now
This was what i felt till I seen the letter in my inbox

I am a mother of a son and a daughter
Thanks to USA to take them as NRIs

Wanted to spend my entire life with them here
But coin shown tails when i asked for heads

My attitude may not match western culture
So I stayed back home alone in India

Living alone in a posh apartment
With video calls asking for my regards from them

Yet I feel lonely. Incomplete with Life.
Reason is not my husband’ had left me, definitely not

He had left me before thirty years,
After I had become mother of two, not glamour to him

I was ready to accept him for my children,
But not his affairs, but he had never returned

I never cursed him, but God may balance things
Last time when i heard, he was bed ridden, courtesy : Cancer

I am sure he must have realized my love…
I feel lonely. Incomplete with Life. But never returned to him.

My toils and tears knew, how hard it was to bring up two kids alone as a woman
My soul will never forgive him who thrown me for other women.

I am 60 now.

Regards and caring of neighbors and relatives seems mere formality
Searched enough for love in video calls but missing it too

Life has been so tough for me as a woman
In return I remained more rigid to the life too.

Seen many organisations when i was up in my career
Everything stopped after marriage.
Had so many passions to achieve big as a women
Compromised everything for family sake
My email offer some temporary smile by bringing pics of my grandchildren
Has to kill time till it kills me someday isnt it. So I opened my inbox
There was a Letter… the letter… saying
“Hope you found happiness and fulfillment in life. I had loved you and wanted to get you whatever you asked. My bad luck you asked me to leave and then only you can be happy. I had no other choice to leave you to give you the happiness.
I can never see you again of say my love to you. May be I may not be alive when you read this. If you can please make a call to the same old mobile number which I had not changed to check my life status. If i any one says I am alive please come to see me once. 
Do you remember our wishes? Once I said “I wish to die leaning my head on your lap, looking at your eyes saying ‘I love you Kuttimma’ I may not have tooth but I will manage to say somehow :)”. You too said ” I wont be there in the world without you” We cried last time together then. But not on grieve, but on happiness to get such a love like you.
Later I had to cry alone missing you after that separation. I never felt angry as you had chosen to leave me. I should not have fought with you for those guys, your stupid friends. I was too much possessive. 
Years passed da. Everything changed here in life for me, I raised my own company, served to more students as I wished. My ambitions fulfilled, I had got every luxury to give me comfort…..
The last few lines crushed my heart as it said exactly what my soul thinks about me
.Yet I feel lonely. Incomplete with Life. Had lived through my life and nothing left now, except a marriage and a family life with you. I am all alone. No one there for me here. At least I wish you to be my side as I close my eyes.
I know its wrong to ask this to another person’s wife but with one hope that you were my lover before becoming a wife to your husband, i am asking you “I wish to lean on your lap and leave my soul and say I love you for one last time 🙂 will you be there?
His name
As you thought, This letter was not from my husband.
This was from the person who I had thrown away. My First Love, his first too.
God may balance things, I realized the mistake I done before thirty five years.
I should not had left him for my ego.I lost my love i had in him,
But his love still lives.“I will take care of you, everything will be fine, we will live together happy, we can sort out issues, please dont go da…”

I remembered his tearful face begged on knees before me…
I should not have insulted him that time.

What else I have to lose now.
I have nothing to lose than only one thing.

His Precious LOVE.
I walked out closing the doors to with doors opened for my soul.
I am not going to call him, I know he is waiting for me.

I am too waiting to convey “I love you dad, but not up to your love :)”
I am too waiting to leave my soul leaning on your shoulders as I promised.


Love is always true if not it’s not at all called as love.

Life is once. Never miss the one whom you love.

Dedicated to all true souls.

Written by 
Deep Inside Souls

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