Snippet Thoughts : Mistakes Matters @ workplace

We have read so many success stories which depict the transition from failures to successes. Mistakes are the causes of failures which in fact pave way to success.


Oddity is that majority of people like those success stories for reading, exclude thyself from that rule. Take any organization on random and look into their work culture. Organizations which encourage their employees at his/her mistakes always have been in the side of loveliest places to work with. Most of the employees hate a work environment which corners and blames on each other for mistakes.

Bosses with learning attitude are seen as ideal leaders, who try to understand the reason for the mistake and subsequent supportive measures to the employee to rectify and learn from the mistakes. Indeed such leaders not only perform this as learning for employees but to the entire organization and self too.

How does it impact the organization?

What happens psychologically is there builds a trust and honest culture in the organization.

Employees will have more commitment to work apart from what they work for salary.

The general mindset will change towards contributing towards the organizational success will increase holistically.

Interpersonal communication will be very effective among the team.

More ideas and initiatives for betterment can be expected from the employees.

Overall a positive environment is formed in the workplace and everyone takes mistakes positive and immediately looks out for solutions rather looking for excuses / giving up.

Key note:

It is important to have control over the learning process once the mistake is made and ensured that such leverage should not be used as excuse to repeat same mistakes or poor performance.

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