10 Unusually beautiful friends (Part 1) : We humans have lot to learn

The cartoons would have you believe that cats and dogs are natural born enemies, but that’s certainly not the case for this tiger and zookeeper’s Alsatian. Look out for a cute bonus when the tiger’s cub gets in on the action.

Casey Anderson has no fear of Brutus (an 800-pound grizzly bear) because he raised him from a tiny cub. It’s a heart-warming video to watch, despite the obvious dangers of playing with a bear.

This white tiger and Dalmatian pair don’t quite realize they are supposed to fight rather than play. Perhaps their mutual black and white coloring has helped along the pal process.

A rhino calf, abandoned by its mother, finds friendship with a warthog, as well as kindness from some dedicated rangers. Perhaps not the cutest couple, but heart-warming nonetheless.

These two gorgeous beasts are reported to have found love at first sight at a South Carolina preserve for endangered animals. They are still buddies to this day, and enjoy swimming, walking and playing together.

The story goes that Owen, the baby hippo, and 130-year-old Mzee, the giant tortoise, became best buds after Owen was stranded by the 2004 tsunami. This tale shows that friendship can bridge not only different species, but the age gap as well.

This kindly golden retriever took on three tiger cubs after they were rejected by their mother, giving the little furry bundles a second chance at life and teaching us all a lesson about mothering instincts.

This unlikely friendship is hard to believe, until you see the incredible footage of a crow not just being a feathered friend to a kitten, but actually feeding and protecting it too. Amazing!

A Pomeranian and a tiny primate make up the peculiar partnership in this short but sweet video from India.

Get the Kleenex ready for this one! This well-known story of an elderly elephant and some canine bonding is cupcake-sweet — we challenge you not to get a little misty-eyed by the end.

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