What exactly is “Propel Steps”?

During my interactions with many people “Propel Steps” always raises a question of understanding and our conversation exactly leads to this question “What exactly is Propel Steps?”


I know the reason as I have caused it to reach the world as some abstract entity which tries to make a point to them. But it never leaks the clear picture. You can see posts on various genres here. Diversified. Numerous.

Yes. Propel Steps aims to facilitate learners (students) to explore numerous fields, learn about basics. Not like studying for exams or for marks but for being wise in knowledge.

We have strong belief based on our research and understanding various practices that, learning is directly influenced by the maturity level of the mind.

There is a larger difference in learning of a matured mind to the learning of a narrow mind.

This is one of the area which we continuously emphasis to shape the mind of the learners to view things broader, ethical and holistic understanding.

This is one of the five fundamental principle  we follow. All moral stories, inspirational insights are posted inline to this principle. We make the mind to think in views like they thought never before, some may confuse and make them to come out with clarity. One thing is sure. Minds will get Wise and Holistic sooner or later but for sure.

“Well the readers are mostly not students” you may say. Yes. We intend these posts should reach more people than being our targeted consumers. Well there is a reason behind it. So as of now I can say is “Every single step we take is for a good societal cause and a part of learning by unconscious or intuition methodology”


more miles to walk…

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