The Missed Flight : Writer’s Digest Entry

I was watching through the windows. My flight was talking off before my very eyes. I missed the flight to New York. In fact at my age group, young entrepreneurs never had that composure to keep it cool. I managed it somehow and tried to find what the hidden reason for all the events happened that day, but couldn’t find any.

Missing flight

I returned back to the Intensive care, rewinding the day that turned my life forever.

“Hurry its late!” I rushed the cab driver on the expressway. The speed tickling of watch pumped more adrenaline reminded me to give a quick to do note to God “Please, don’t let go the flight” I prayed inside. The wheels speeded marginally to the maximum limit, yet I have to reach the flight schedule at 7:59, my watch shown 6:13.

Only I knew the value of that schedule. It almost took 5 years of my rigorous journey, to take me to that point. I took every opportunity before it knocked my doors. Others perceived me too much spontaneous on my decisions and always I am the only one to echo with my decisions. So hardly I get an option to transfer the oddity of mistakes to people around me.

Screeching roads the vehicle might have whooped for reaching the airport without any accident sharp at 7:00. I gave a little more tips to the driver, hurried for boarding with just enough time for the take off.

I just missed to notice the lady on a wheel chair from the other end and messed up. I should not have glued my eyes to my watch. Bang! She had fallen off the wheel chair seemed somehow critical to be in consciousness. My heart seemed halted for this awful day. Approached the young man who pushed the wheelchair, “Mister, You should have been wide awake and see what you have done!” I was searching for words to justify the delay, the rush and my ambition.

I was about to tell him “Sorry Pal I missed to watch out and I am just heading for a business presentation which I am counting for my entire life”. But it was too late as I seen her nose bleeding. We lifted her back to the wheel chair and soon gathered a crowd around us.

I was carked between my life and the distress I caused then. Gathering all my courage and determination I took the wheel chair from the young man and a swift took us to the Intensive Care. “She is just returned after having a major surgery” updated the young man, her brother. He asked me why I was rushing so. I don’t know whether my answer would be justifiable enough.

I apologized again, but replied only a silent pause. “God saved her from a very critical state and brought her back to life. I believe the almighty won’t take back it again. She always asked me to keep faith, belief and do our best, God will care about rest.” he continued, “She was just like you so active on her profession and always helped others. She was the one recovered me from drugs. She keeps telling nothing happens without a reason and it was in our accountability to find the reason and go ahead in life. She took the tumor also like that” he stopped as I glanced on to my watch.

 He asked me to leave and I can always come back to meet her. He was so confident and convinced me to go for flight.  He could have understood when I returned back, but I understood the reason for his smile. He embraced me and she was fine. I spent some time with them and I took a cab returning to my office. I rarely thought for another opportunity from the client and I hung up the call conveying I could not reach, without any conclusions on the next schedule.

I just reached the office and the young man called me from hospital and asked me to tune in to news. I tuned the television “God that girl should be fine, else the airport footage of hurrying business man smashing a patient will be on the television”. The news shattered my soul leaving more tears and realization of god. The day will always be in my soul September 11, 2001.

I would not be writing this if i boarded the flight. Am I blessed for not travelling in that flight or question the divine power why so many innocents lost their lives on the Twin towers terror attack? Certain times I am unable to understand God, but nothing stops from believing.

I am Lyon Matthews from Boston.

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