Understand Arguments : The Frog Story

Once lived a frog happy in a very big lake which had provided her abundant food. Every other creatures like fishes, crabs, snails etc lived happily in harmony with other creatures. Suddenly, the winter gone severe and the water was chilled too much.

jumping_frog cartoon

One day it rained heavy and the frog was caught in a stream and it decided to go for an adventure trip. She spotted a small well and it seen the frogs in there enjoying the warm water. She jumped into the well, in a house. All other frogs approached the stranger and asked her from where she was. She told them that she was from a big lake far away from here. They offered some food to the guest and she expressed her gratitude. She told that she is very happy “unlike the cold winter and rains out there in the lake, this well is so warm and nice” 

The other frogs got curious and asked “What is a Lake?”. “The lake is so huge and like 1000 times bigger than this well and there are so many friends like fishes, crabs do live there.” said the frog from lake. None of the frogs believed her and started arguing nothing in bigger than that well. She tried to explain them but only to get them frustrated and march towards her to beat her down. Every frog criticized her as fool and not listened to her. They decided to beat her down as she only caused confusion in the well.

To the luck of the frog a bucket is dropped into the well by the house lady and she jumped into it and  found her way back to the lake. 

Have you argued with someone? It is obvious that we try to negotiate our thoughts fellow humans and make our point valid. 


There are two kind of persons one who will change there perspective if they come to know that their opinion needs change, if they find a wise opinion. The another kind of people will neither listen to any suggestions nor receptive to any wise feedback. I call them Receptive (R) and Unreceptive (UR) personalities.

Now lets see the bigger picture. As an individual we too fall into either one of the above two kinds. So whenever there happens an argument, there are only three permutations possible i.e. R vs R, R vs UR, UR vs UR.

Arguments Possible Results
R Vs. R Conclusive
R Vs. UR Subjective
UR Vs. UR Inconsclusive

I have detailed the three scenarios for further understanding

R vs R : When a Receptive personality argues with another Receptive personality obvious that they tries to understands each others point and most of the times there comes a conclusive result for the argument.

R vs UR : The result for this situation is totally subjective to the dominance  and authority level of the individuals.

Assume a R personality possess the following combination of dominance and decision making (authority) level, the result can be as follows.

  • Dominant + Authoritative =  Biased favored Result
  • Recessive + Authoritative = Compromised Result / Expelling can happen
  • Recessive + No Authority = Expelling (or) Arguments Neglected

It stands the same for UR personality too.

UR vs UR : This kind of arguments between two Unresponsive personalities always ends up without any conclusive results as only pushing happens for both ends.

Hope this will give you some ideas and way to view arguments in a different perspective.

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