Appreciate Talent : Srisha : A 15 year old Multi-Talented girl


Versatile can be the other name of Srisha. This 15-year-old small town girl has achieved more than most others her age. Be it music, dance or rifle shooting, her passion is unbounded.

Gifted with a melodious voice, she has released an album on Subramania Bharathi, our national poet. She started learning Carnatic music from Trivandrum Krishnakumar at the tender age of 8. Since then, she has come a long way. Besides being a vocalist, Srisha can also play the keyboard, violin, guitar and veena, which is no mean feat. What made her think of releasing an album? “I think Bharathiar’s poems have not reached the youngsters. There is a lot in them so I thought of taking it to them through music,” says Srisha. She strongly believes that the lines of Bharathiar will inspire the younger generation and revolutionise their minds towards a positive tomorrow.

Having music director Dhina as a family friend was a blessing for her. When she thought of making an album, she approached him. After selecting eight not-so-popular songs of the poet, Dhina set it tune. Srisha has sung four solo songs in the album. The remaining four songs were sung with legends such as Hariharan, Unnikrishnan, Madhu Balakrishnan and Vijay Prakash. On singing with them, Srisha says she felt very lucky. “All of them appreciated my voice.”

A class XI student of Shree Sarasswathi Vidhyaah Mandheer, Mettupalayam, which is run by her parents, Mohandoss and Manimekalai, she has taken interest in various fields. In rifle shooting, her first love, she has won many laurels, noteworthy among them is securing a gold medal and winning the Tamil Nadu State Shooting Championship at Madurai. She also set a new State record both in the Sub Junior & Women category. This was followed by her winning another gold medal in the 16{+t}{+h}All India Interschool Meet held at Pune, where she created a new all India interschool record. She has excelled in tennis and basketball too.

Srisha’s album Pudhiya Bharathi was launched by Governor K. Rosaiah on February 19 and the first CD was received by Niranjan Bharathi, the great grandson of Subramania Bharathi.

“All this is possible only because of my parents. They were able see my interest and encourage me in all my pursuits. I am very proud of them,” she says.

On her future plans, she says she wants to win a rifle shooting medal for the country in Olympics. “But I also want to make it big in the field of music.” She has also set her eyes on composing music. All this can happen only after a lot of practice as it is only practice that makes a man perfect, says this young achiever.

Courtesy & Source : THE HINDU, February 25, 2013

I need to be honest as I am not a regular follower of musicals, so when I was listening music online fortunately I landed on to her album and really felt awesome for such an initiative.

My first impression I thought she must be a singer. Then I tried searching about her on internet, facebook, but could not get much details. Whatever, I decided let whoever she be but this girl deserves a lot and lot of appreciations and impressed with such an initiative. Why So? I have seen many people who bug about Thamizh all time and do nothing for it.

Thamizh Poems are so special and She has set a new example by taking it to the generation of her level and also conveyed a message to elders on this is the new way to pass inspiration. Believe me, Youth will listen to it. But somewhere it missed to go viral as Kolaveri. Of course I will be a fool if i compare the Genre of Kolaveri and Bharathiyar Poems. But what I insist is this kind of albums too deserve wide reach.

Bharathiyar Poems are always inspirational to young blood.But many youngsters today does not care what they listen, because music matters more than the message what the song conveys. Very rare we get music with some good message now a days.

Finally I was able to find the above article from Hindu about her and felt strange that she is just 15 and what a talent! Though opportunities were near her hands, I can feel the efforts and passion she has for music and deserves respect for choosing Bharathiyar lines. So sharing about her in our blog.

Immediately we Propel Steps has launched a fan Page ( for her on Facebook and added few tracks sung by her. We hope she shines more as she wanted and we will be happy to see her reaching new heights in every aspects she loved to and continue inspiring many on her journey.

Here is a track from her album


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  1. Great post.Its wonderful to see young people so dedicated to their art and future.Jalal


    1. We are happy to share about young talents and give them a motivational energy. We welcome everyone to share about talents from any part of the world. we are privileged to share about them here..

      Thank you for your valuable feedback 🙂

      Team Propel Steps


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