She Cried for Help…


Landed on a software claims to keep Woman at Safety

Thanks to the girl  given voice on the Internet

Some unknown person thrown stones to my perspectives


Whichever part of world the world you this

India recently got more media attention for one thing

RAPE – Crime against women!


“Whom to blame? Whom to accuse?

How much TRP we can expect?

Ok this case over, what’s next to hype?

This has become routine here.


Aarushi to the one somewhere in corner of India

Come on let’s label “MEN : BAD”

Come on let’s talk WOMEN FREEDOM”


What else?

For a change, for a good change

To change the mind of the society

To change perspectives of men and women

Let us be responsible for making this society like this.


She cried for help…

A soul tried to protect her esteem as woman

She cried for help…

But no hands comes there for rescue

Who to blame lets blame ourselves

For being a careless society, not to look around

We have lot of problems of ourselves right?

Let us blame ourselves

For letting our women molested on roads publicly.


She cried for help…

Every man raped her born for lust not love?

Every man raped her born not to a Woman?

Let us blame ourselves for cultivating boldness to those men

“We can walk free after doing it”

She cried for help…

Nothing stopped those men devaluing her most valued


She cried for help…

Screamed the media: Headlines: all time hype 24 X 7

Discuss, Debate, and Protest: Media doing the right job

Ok now people forgot the news.

Ok telecast actress posing topless for Men’s Magazine news

Or don’t we have any 2G 3G for next few weeks?

Wait till the next rape.

Let’s blame ourselves getting used for this routine


She cried for help…

The young man took her alone outside was beaten

He was thrown out, what else he can do?

Why we question both for leaving out late hours

They have valid Pub meetings, parties or private reasons

So what else he can do?

Let’s blame ourselves

We parents never care what our kids do.


She cried for help…

But she does not know what was happening around

Blame the vodka effect

Its “Move on” generation man

Drinking is so Social man!

She cried for help…

Should have rejected it first time

Should have rejected the friend (so called) who asked “Just try once”

She cried for help…

“She is unconscious man, let’s do it” said the bsaratd(intentionally shuffled) rapist.

She cried for help…

She should not worn so skimpy costumes and passed out

Let’s us blame ourselves for spoiling our Kids.


She cried for help…

Whom to call for help at emergency?

The three digit emergency number?

Well there were history of tears for help to save women from them too

Let’s blame our fear to fight them.


She cried for help…

After realizing she should not have trusted that guy

She should not had gone alone with him

Whom to blame? The cheat or the cheated?

Let’s blame ourselves for not cultivating good thoughts in young souls

For not letting them know what is the value of true love?


She cried for help…

Never expected her dad to do that to her

She cried for help…

Never expected her brother to do that to her

She cried for help…

Never expected her mother to do that to her

Whom to blame?

Let’s blame ourselves for forgetting our cultural values.


Shame on us to hear stories like these

She cried for help…

Still somewhere some soul may cry for help…

She is crying for help…

This matter of lust is well fed into the society’s thoughts

Women is matter of pleasure – Says Movies, Advertisements

Use a perfume – you can get many women to sleep with you.

You may claim “I said it very cheap”

Yes so cheap the ads are

Most sales need women to take off their clothes?

Most movies need women to show off “Its Art” Acting,

That’s trend from west to east, north to south.


First hour we reveal women and cultivate lust

Next hour we protect women and reap Safety.


Whom to blame? “There are MEN to blame” they says

“Let us blame ourselves” I am saying

A lot to think and act on this

Not subject of women blaming men.

Be Responsible! As a human

Then we can be a Man or Woman.

We can’t survive alone.


The CRY may come from our own home in future!



T H I N K  ! ! !

– Words By Din


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  1. Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit , Live from Woodstock 1969 with Lyrics by John Anderson.
    Grace Slick’s Lyrics are based on her early life as a child, being read the books of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and its 1871 sequel Through the Looking-Glass …hence the references to the hookah-smoking caterpillar, the White Knight, the Red Queen, and the Dormouse.
    Grace Slick was born Grace Barnett Wing, October 30, 1939.
    Jefferson Airplane, El Conejo blanco, Woodstock 1969 con letra de John Anderson y Grace Slick.


    1. Thanks you for the feedback :). Its so sad about the crime. It has become so routine here in India due to incompetent law.


  2. No woman, No child, or No person should be abused, raped, or assaulted in any form. Much blame is placed in different areas. The bottom line, is that if everyone “treated people the way that they wanted to be treated”, with kindness and respect, the world would be much better off and then the whole world and every society would raise the standard of behavior…but it needs to start in the homes… Amazingly, that is the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12.. I believe that the time has come for people to speak out about violence against women and all of society. Rape has been the silent shame of the victim as well as domestic violence, but that has to change to bring more attention to the issue and stop the violence. We can not be silent any longer..No woman is at fault.. NO should be NO, no matter what the situation is… I pray for every victim of every crime, that God will heal them and strengthen and raise up an army to speak out !! Blessing to you…


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