Critiques on Indian Educational System

Straight away taking you to the point, as the title speaks, this writing is presented in a simplest form which every commoner can understand few of the basic errors in the Indian Educational System. These perspectives shared here are critiques for a better solution. There are hundreds of thousands of NGOs, Government aided projects, Good Educational Institutions who consistently taking strenuous efforts to take education to a holistic better level. We share the same interest and passion to contribute solutions for the issues discussed here. Let us share the critiques here in this part.

In our perspective the Education System in India has three major challenges which are well- known but ignored,

  1. Over Commercialization of Education
  2. Mere Marks / Numbers driven Evaluations
  3. Biased Career Orientation

Critiques on Indian educational system

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-Words by Din

5 thoughts on “Critiques on Indian Educational System

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