Chirrups of Birds : Wish our kids hear tomorrow

Image Courtesy & Copyrights : To the respective photographers

Chirrups of Birds

Intrudes my sleep

Sun just has woken up

Beams’ passing through the leave slits


Every day begins with same chirps

Tunes never got old.

Brings chicks outta nest

Makes Tweedles and Twiddles for food


Mom offer rice some days

Some other grains too

They get delighted for fruit days

Never fight with fellow squirrels


We share a little for them

They share the little with the squirrels

Almost have been our pets

But not in nets

Not now and Never in our home sweet home 🙂

Some of the visitors/dwellers  I could find the names are Jungle Babblers, Sparrows, Mynas, Rufous Treepies, Bulbuls, Indian hoopoes, Long-tailed Sibia, Squirrels, Crows, Doves, Tailorbirds, Cuckoos, Parrots, Kingfishers and Peacocks (rare).

The Jungle babblers are so friendly and walk in home if they not get their grains on time 🙂 Squirrels pick their choice of fruits from Mango, Papaya, Guava, Bananas, Sapota or immature Coconuts. Cuckoos are leading singers here. There are few birds which are regional and unable to find their right names to mention here. Peacocks lives somewhere nearby and visit occasionally here and to the farms around. The Hoopoes had built its nest in an old wooden hole in our first floor and rarely the little ones survive the fall. We have saved two of them. Some time they pay visit to us. Now we have sealed the hole to prevent further nesting dangerously over there.

This is in our home in a rural town called Mannargudi, Tamilnadu, India.

I am seriously concerned about these inhabitants, moving so friendly with us. Few years back Sparrows were large in numbers now very few come by. There are around some hundred small and big trees in our garden which remains a home to these lovely companions. Nobody hunts them, nobody hurts them here. So they feel it home sweet home.

There are few groups of people who hunt squirrels to eat and we have warned and stopped those people to pass by our garden. So Squirrels too are living at peace playing around. Only scare for them now are the Snakes after the demise of our lovely cat “Rocky”.

Even places like our small town are becoming targets for real estates and becoming more urban gradually. Just a worry in my mind, what will happen if the farms around are converted into plots for housing and apartments? These birds will lose their home. Our small garden can be a home of few numbers. What about thousands of birds live around their rural agricultural dwellings?

Questions make me feel sad, yet I am working on some projects to educate the people around and the school students about protecting the habitats of these lovely creatures. They do not know to live in jungles, in fact no jungle around here or we left many for them. They knew to befriend us and live among us. All we need to do is ensure we remain a friend for them.

Hope tomorrow our kids hear the Chirrups every morning 🙂

-Words by Din

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