Please do not ignore : You can help saving 3.45 Lakh Hectares of Agricultural Lands

There is a Project all set to commence in Mannargudi Area, (Thanjavur) Tamil Nadu, India to extract Coal Bed Methane

What is it? Please look


Which will have its impact on 3.45 lakh hectares (3450 Sq. Km) of agricultural land here, as per the proposed project. Our Place is called Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu. Have a look at the beauty of our place. Just sample Photographs (Courtesy and Pictures by Naveen Gowtham)

Well these beautiful landscapes are already dying and may disappear because of this CBM extraction Project.

There are protests beginning in the midst of Political plays here and Environmental activists are giving their voices too.

The World is well known about Russia’s involvement in Kudankulam Nuclear Project which has almost started functioning, the second nuclear power plant in the state of Tamil Nadu. Well that protest against Nuclear power plants had began after the plant was well built. Hardly people could stop it, or government could hardly take any step to justify it, as reversing was not feasible for them.

Now this Methane extraction project has triggered waves across farmers and general public here.

Propel Steps is gathering more facts, statistics, insights, realities, after effects on environment, similar projects happened in your country and every valuable data for our project. Which will educate many people, students and environmental activists here. You can mail any articles, files related to this to . We are gathering info from our sources and search. We will be grateful for your contribution. Please enable us even with your little info, else please share this.

We need your help. Please share this article. Comment your feedback, opinion, any web links which can be of use to us.  

Help us save our nature. We are sure of one thing once methane is extracted then the lignite here will be the target for the fuel/energy eaters. We do not go with feeding our people with coal by killing the agriculture.

More details here in HINDU article 

Note: More articles coming soon… Please share this with your friends if you are unaware of this subject your friend or friend of friend may help us.

– Words by Din

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