Caste Discrimination Extremes : Forcing myself to hash out

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Yet another soul is dead. Some say suicide, some say murder. It does not matter whatever it was. He is dead now. This is the flashback, a boy loved a girl, and she loved him too. Different castes, one higher and another lower says the Incredible India’s Caste division chart (BC, MBC, FC, ST, SC anything else). Their family opposed their marriage; they both evaded to live and married. Both caste group fought and made it a caste riot. The girl’s Dad committed suicide (said so) as he lost his caste pride, the girl returned citing she realized and pleaded court for divorce. She cited she never want the boy anymore and want to live with her mom. Today the boy was found dead on a rail track. Media, Politicians, News papers, some bloggers got something to hash out. Including myself, why I need to write about his death, if my country is immune to such caste idiocy? I have so many constructive thoughts to write about than criticizing my fellow humans and my countries dark sides.

Nothing new for India, like this we see every day. Some comes to lime light, some not. But this is routine now here.

The root of all this Evil things is CASTE and RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATIONS.

I have nothing new to advise neither going to write to make extremists to realize what they are doing is wrong. They were been fed like that by their ancestors to discriminate. They were been poisoned in their minds to discriminate.

It is vain to shout and cry on their dumb hearts to make them realize killing people for caste and religious extremism. They will never change.

Just few questions to all Multi faced, double faced and single faced Indians.

Are you ready to throw this caste first?

Are you ready to reject caste based priorities you were been receiving till date?

Are you ready to fill NA there in caste column while filling your kid’s school application?

Are you ready to groom your kids with no sign of what caste she/he is?

Are you ready to make her/him just a human?

Are you ready to institute a thought in his/her mind that love and compassion is everything?

Are you ready to see marriage as an act of commitment between two souls based on love?

Are you ready to build opinion on people based on their virtues?

I am leaving these questions to you all.

At least let the next generation remain caste discrimination free. Till then this kind of stories will never end. To be continued…

Jai Hind. Peace and Love.


3 thoughts on “Caste Discrimination Extremes : Forcing myself to hash out

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  1. People always claim that they are against the caste system. But I wonder if they have thought of these questions and would they be willing to follow what is required to be rid of the caste system completely. You bring up some very good points, and I can only hope that people will ask these questions and come up with the right answers.


    1. you are correct. Outside their home people always speak against caste discrimination. Seen lot of families see caste even in friendship. Sad but let we be the change first, for all problems individual discipline & ethical conscience is the key.

      Thanks for the feedback friend. Peace and love.


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