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1064553_596512090369561_990888621_oNaveen’s Photography speaks so many languages. It can speak poverty, agriculture, rural flavor, city life, humane feelings, and everything that can be captured on a camera.

A multi generic passionate photographer and a young man who is driven by his passion for photography and good attitude. We casually started with a “hi” online and become friends. A few months back, I have seen his photos, just when he initiated posting his works on Facebook and shown a lot of potential like a Pro. Now in no time he groomed himself a lot than we imagined him to be a professional, photographer. Naveen is also supporting us for a cause to save farm lands in Mannargudi Area, TamilNadu India from CBM extraction. We are happy and wish to work with him on a long run. Hope Naveen’s work will get your appreciation too.  

I wished long back to post an article about him here, Yet held it for some reasons regarding the reach it can give him. This becomes the right moment which finally found its way. Unlike other articles we posted earlier in Appreciate talents, I would like to present it in the same way as Naveen defined him. Without changing the style and feeling here I am presenting a few of his photographs for your delight and his bio.


I am Naveenraj. My dad Mr.G.Gowthman, he is a Farmer and my mother G.Lakshmi, she is a homemaker. I am the only son of my parents. I am from beautiful village Ottakudi situated in Tiruvarur district,Tamilnadu, India. I am an Engineering Graduate worked in an IT company with lots of passion in photography. Currently living in Chennai.

I am sure everyone is shaped by his childhood backdrops, Memories and I am one of them. I am here and what I am it’s all because of my father’s inspiration. He is a great artist; he shaped me and teaches how to be creative. When I was studying in College I had an interest in photography. I started it as a hobby but it’s become my passion.

I realized how powerful the medium could be to tell stories. It was the one thing that was totally satisfying yet I still wanted more. When I did photography, it was just the thing that I could do all day and all of the time. I was completely in love. I realized it’s better to fall in love with photography than fall in love with a girl.

I started my basic level with mobile camera and point and shoot digital camera. I was searching the way to bring my photography into the next level. I bought a DSLR and follow the peoples through the Facebook and Flicker sites. i shot nature, street, people, landscape, macro etc. I started to follow the professional photographers and their photographs. I got so many creative ideas and it leads me to learn more about it. I enjoy making the photographs its great worry buster for me.

I came to know about Chennai weekend clickers. I joined in that group. It’s the best platform to learn more about photography in Chennai. I spent with them and photographed with them. They assist so many people as possible with love.

A lot of photographers inspired me Specially, Mahesh Balasubramaniyan, Ashok Saravanan Ay, Vadivazhgan mark,Umanath selvan and all Photographers in CWC. Their image quality that influenced and shaped my interest in photography.

I stand here where my photos are featured in Blog’s and websites with some great photographers it’s just because of CWC and people who are all motivated me always. i took this opportunity to thank everyone. Hearty thanks to all.

I think it’s all about really finding who we are, how we are different, how we are. I hope every day for the next level, Now it’s the time to tell the world who we are,.

Keep your eyes open – you can learn something from everyone, Shoot as much as you can.

– Says Naveen

You may reach Naveen for any Photography related assignments here at his Facebook page. We are sharing only a very few of his excellent work here… You can find a lot on his official Page Please like his page if you wish to support him.

Note: If you want your works to be presented here in this section or if you know any young talent who deserves. Please get in touch with us. We are always there to boost up the Young talents. contact helpdesk@propelsteps or just leave a comment here we will get back to you. 

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  1. Hi Naveen,

    Congratulations on your achievements! I’m sure more success will come your way.. 🙂


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