“You might be risking life by eating fruits” says Doctors

I have read this article talked about the effects of consuming a hybrid fruit and its dangerous side effects if consumed along with some medicines. They also claim side effects / interference of natural fruit consuming if they are taken along with other medicines. 

It is a well known fact that all foods (natural / artificial) if broken up, they are mere chemical combinations of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, etc. Even our elders had advised not to eat certain foods in certain combination. For example, Pepper is a medicine that can break any poison (mild ones) and save you. Same pepper cannot be consumed if we take some other medication else it will affect the former’s effect. Many permutation combinations are there, even for food. 

Indian cuisines and food habits are well balanced matching to our environment. There is a reason why we take food in a certain order and why we use banana leaf instead of plates. Same applicable for cuisines of other countries too. They were being balanced matching to their temperature and living conditions. So this is making it evident that our food remained as our medicines for a long time. Now we have increased our dependency on drugs which is inevitable as a part of evolution and survival of the fittest theory. 

Life span depends a lot on modern medicines now. Same might have happened when Ayurveda or Unani or Siddha or any native medicinal procedures were invented. Side effects were the part of it, till they had attained a certain stability and knowledge. Only worry about today’s medicines are many people behind that are money minded and selfish and may go any extend for it.

A Question, Is our medicines counterattacking natural fruits? Those fruits once remained as medicines. A healthy diet of all foods can prevent us from using any drugs isn’t it? 

Pharma Industries are the most complicated industries kept aloof from common man’s knowledge. Are the drugs designed to perfection to have certain side effects and the counter medicine’s production will start once their side effects are spread? Simply they wants to be the disease and the cure and the side effects and the cure? One thing is sure happening around with most of the Pharma companies are more business than a service and a humanitarian responsibility they have for us. They wish to stay ahead in the market with the competitors and are willing to do anything for it. 

It is we need to be careful about what drugs we consume and utilize drugs from good socially responsible pharma companies. Doctors have an important role in this. I am not talking about doctors who prescribe medicines for their commissions from salesperson of a Pharma company. I am concerned about responsible doctors among us, identify yourselves and just educate your patient by taking your few minutes on what you are prescribing and how responsibly you have chosen that particular medicine, its side effects with other natural foods

Most of the doctors in India won’t advise on this front to the patients. Wish that changes gradually.  Look at the article below and few more articles referred for further reading.  Some say to consume, some say not to. What should we follow? 🙂

-Words by Din

An article from dailymail.uk (click to read the complete article)

Courtesy : Wiki
Courtesy : Wiki

As doctors warn it can cause a dangerous reaction with a host of common drugs… Toxic truth about your breakfast grapefruit

  • Researchers warn that grapefruit reacts with many medicines
  • The fruit can cause devastating side-effects from stomach bleeding to kidney problems
  • Doctors say the public is ignorant to the dangers and putting themselves needlessly at risk


The side-effects of mixing grapefruit with medicines vary hugely from drug to drug. But some can be deadly. Overdosing on cancer drugs, antibiotics and some antipsychotic drugs can cause irregular heart rhythms and even sudden death. 

In the Nineties, a patient in America died from an irregular heartbeat after taking the antihistamine allergy medicine Terfenadine twice a day while also drinking grapefruit juice two to three times a week. Doctors believed the two were connected.

High doses of anti-cancer drugs can suppress the activity of bone marrow, which creates blood cells and fights infection — putting people with weakened immune systems at further risk of illness.
Stomach bleeding can result from an overdose of blood-thinning drugs such as apixaban and rivaroxaban.

Overdosing on statins can lead to the painful and potentially dangerous breakdown of muscle tissue. As muscle proteins enter the blood, it can put the kidneys under extreme strain and may lead to kidney failure. Other symptoms include muscle pain and swelling, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Older people — who are less able to tolerate overdoses — are more likely to become seriously ill as a result.


Grapefruit is the biggest threat, but other fruits can interfere with drugs, too.

Seville oranges, used to make marmalade, and limes contain the same active ingredients that cause the drug problems. 

One patient in Dr Bailey’s study suffered from kidney problems while taking the drug tacrolimus to suppress their immune system after an organ transplant.

He had eaten a staggering 1.5kg of marmalade during the preceding week — more than enough to make the drugs more potent.

Past research by Dr Bailey showed that orange and apple juices may reduce the effectiveness of drugs used to treat cancer, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

In tests, beta-blockers, antibiotics and hay fever treatments were all weakened by juice drunk up to two hours previously.

The problem was caused by naringin (a chemical which makes citrus fruits bitter) which stopped the drugs moving from the small intestine into the bloodstream — the opposite of what happens with grapefruit.



Dasatinib (leukaemia)
Erlotinib (lung cancer and pancreatic cancer)
Everolimus (kidney cancer)
Lapatinib (breast cancer)
Nilotinib  (leukaemia)
Pazopanib (kidney cancer)
Sunitinib (kidney/gastrointestinal cancer)
Vandetanib (thyroid cancer)
Venurafenib (skin cancer)

Erythromycin (antibiotic)
Halofantrine (malaria)
Maraviroc (HIV)
Primaquine (malaria)
Quinine (malaria)
Rilpivirine (HIV)


Amiodarone (heart rhythm disorders)
Apixaban (anti-clotting)
Dronedarone (heart rhythm disorders)
Eplerenone (heart failure)
Felodipine (high blood pressure/angina)
Nifedipine (high blood pressure/angina)
Quinidine  (heart rhythm disorder)
Rivaroxaban (anti-blood clotting)
Ticagrelor (anti-blood clotting after heart attack)

Oral Alfentanil (painkiller)
Oral fentanyl (painkiller)
Oral ketamine (painkiller, sedative)
Lurasidone (schizophrenia/mental health problems)
Oxycodone (painkiller)
Pimozide (schizophrenia/other mental health problems)
Ziprasidone (schizophrenia, mania, bipolar disorder)

Domperidone (anti-nausea)

Cyclosporine (post organ transplant, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis)
Sirolimus (post organ transplant)
Tacrolimus (post organ transplant)

Solifenacin (urinary frequency/incontinence)
Silodosin (enlarged prostate)
Tamsulosin (enlarged prostate)

Courtesy : http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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  1. Where medication is concerned, I talk to the pharmacist. Doctors receive little training in pharmacy during medical school. They learn what drugs are to be ordered, by a hospital or insurance plan, but the interactions – very few know these things. Scary world.


  2. I have not studied the combination of grapefruit with all of the products you have listed. The main issue is: the combination can make the drug level unpredictable. For this reason alone, all products with grapefruit should be avoided when taking these products.
    Ask your pharmacist.
    I know some drugs require an empty stomach so the drug doesn’t bind to the food – and is available for absorption into the body.
    You chose a huge topic to cover!!
    Pharmacodynamics vs pharmacokinetics; the need for post-release mandatory reporting (phase IV trials in the US); genetics sometimes require different doses – as do women, elderly, ethnicities…


    1. May be you can also check the related articles too that I have mentioned there.. Some fruits may supplement the medicines to retain health.

      We look for doctors to educate us. 🙂 Thanks for the feedback. Sure I will look at your blog..


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