Can Circular Economy be a Solution? My POV


Circular economy is the concept which got the interests of many around the globe, including myself. It is very futuristic and aligned with the sustainability of the ecosystem.

The circular economy is a generic term for an industrial economy that is, by design or intention, restorative and in which material flows are of two types, biological nutrients, designed to reenter the biosphere safely, and technical nutrients, which are designed to circulate at high quality without entering the biosphere.

To be frank very recently I was introduced to this concept and I am educating myself more on this concept and learning deeper about its applicability and probable ways of bringing it into practice. As far as I understood this CE concept is holistic which embraces almost all gamuts of the societal progress as a whole. That attracts me more and gives me a feel that this will work out if we fine tune and customize it according to political systems and culture across various nations.

When it comes to educating, apart from classical economical theories, students should be educated more on concepts like circular economy, carbon trading, emission trading etc at school levels.

This can help them to understand the pros and cons of the upcoming concepts and they can give better shape to it. In fact they will take such concepts to an advanced and balanced level. We need to groom more Thinkers than mere workforces across globe. Especially countries like China and India with humongous human resources, can invest their brains to inculcate such practices in their educational system, so that the emergence of Leaders on various sectors will increase, the probability will stand high when compared to other less populous nations. But the important thing that needs to be fed on to the young minds is that they should see things broad on a global perspective rather national.

Currently The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is doing a wonderful job on this Circular Economy concept, Kudos to them.

Here are the principles of the Circular Economy

Founding principles

Waste is Food

Waste does not exist… the biological and technical components (nutrients) of a product are designed by intention to fit within a materials cycle, designed for disassembly and re-purposing. The biological nutrients are non-toxic and can be simply composted. Technical nutrients – polymers, alloys and other man-made materials are designed to be used again with minimal energy.

Diversity is strength

Modularity, versatility and adaptiveness are to be prioritised in an uncertain and fast evolving world. Diverse systems, with many connections and scales are more resilient in the face of external shocks, than systems built simply for efficiency.

Energy must come from renewable sources

As in life, any system should ultimately aim to run on ‘current sunshine’ and generate energy through renewable sources.

Systems thinking

The ability to understand how things influence one another within a whole. Elements are considered as ‘fitting in’ their infrastructure, environment and social context. Whilst a machine is also a system, systems thinking usually refers to nonlinear systems: systems where through feedback and imprecise starting conditions the outcome is not necessarily proportional to the input and where the evolution of the system is possible : the system can display emergent properties. Examples of these systems are all living systems and any open system such as meteorological systems or ocean currents, even the orbits of the planets have non linear characteristics.

-Thanks Wiki

Hope this will grab your attention as well.

-Words by Din

7 thoughts on “Can Circular Economy be a Solution? My POV

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    1. This concept is catching up pace. However economic differences will pose serious challenges in practically implementing this. Unless we are pushed to a extreme threat for lives, we humans will not care about others like in the movie “the day earth stood still”

      Hope everything goes positive. Let us do our best till the end.

      Peace and Love


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