Story : A Bitter Funeral Joke


Well, this story conveys how few people are fed up of married life 🙂

Two dead bodies were being carried on the road for burying, followed by a ferocious dog and around 500 men in an orderly queue behind. A man drinking tea in a shop watched the scene and wondered about it and walked towards the line and asked a person “Are you a relative of these two? Who are they? Any VIPs?” 

The man answered “I am the husband of the lady who is the first dead body and the second is my mother in law” 

“How did they died?” the other man asked. The husband replied “That ferocious dog of mine had bitten my wife and killed her, my mother in law tried to save her and it killed her too 😦 “

The other man asked “Could you lend me your dog for a day?”.

“Well, Please join the queue and follow!” that husband said and continued his walk. 

– Unknown Author

4 thoughts on “Story : A Bitter Funeral Joke

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  3. Nice one!!!! (Even though my wife and mother-in-law are awesome). Nothing better than a good joke every day!!


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