Story : Sugar Seller and 500gm Sugar

balance4-571x379Once upon a time a baker in a small village approached a wise judge. He complained on his usual sugar seller that he had cheated him. The wise judge asked what had he done.

The baker said “I used to buy sugar from his shop as 500gm packs every day. After purchasing it I used to weigh it before I use for making cakes. You know that I need to calculate and add ingredients else my reputation will be lost among my customers. Today when I measured I am stunned that all the 500gm packs were containing only 450gm of sugar. He tried to cheat me and I caught him red handed. I want justice.”

By the time few more people also joined him and complained that they too were missing some sugar in their packing.

The wise judge knew well about the sugar seller and he demanded him an explanation. The Sugar seller is a good man and admitted whatever he had done. He said “Wise Judge, I always use the 500gm standard stone on the weighing scale against the sugar. Yesterday while cleaning up the shop I have misplaced it somewhere. I could not find it. By the time he arrived at my shop I have no 500gm stone so I thought for a while and used the bread I bought from his shop, which says on its cover its 500gm. I never intentionally fooled him or anyone. Please forgive me”

The Judge asked a person to get a bread packet from the baker’s shop and weighed it against the sugar pack. It was equally balanced. He ordered to check all the sugar packs with complaints and everything shown the same result. The Baker was the one who was cheating everyone and not the sugar seller.

The Judge fined the baker and ordered him to compensate the sugar seller for spoiling his reputation.

Moral : You cannot hide the truth forever. You can fool someone sometime, You can fool someone all the time. But You cannot fool everyone every time.

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