Decadent Side of the Largest Democracy : A Citizen’s Voice

To Know the good side of someone is not so difficult. It is the typical way people express themselves to the outside world. Everyone’s concern is about showing their positive side to the world and conceal the other side.

The largest democracy is no exclusion to this. Just Google “India great facts”, numerous the results just like our population. We have a great history to take pride. We have an epic journey of freedom. We have a unique identity in the world. When it comes to the positive side we have an endless list to boast about. Yes true about the legendary history. What else now?

We do have another side of this nation. This is not a fault finding stuffs I write against my motherland. It is a detailing of the self destruction we do for ourselves.

The Progress of a nation is a mere reflection of the discipline of its citizens.

Every individual’s character will represent the face of a nation. That is how the world will adjudge a nation. Ask the NRI population across the world, they will tell how the world sees Indians; the attitude of other nationals towards those NRI people is the same what they have for India.

India is nothing but humongous individual humans from diversified backgrounds and culture. The world knows it. The Decadent side of this big nation has 2 major factors which are the actual root causes for the rest of all the problems here. If these two are fixed the rest all will follow gradually like a chain reaction. The two honchos are

  1. Toothless Laws and Judiciary System

  2. Lacking Individual Responsibility to the Country

The Honcho 1“Toothless Laws and Judiciary System”. When you have a system of laws where you can extend the judgment as much as you want, provided you have the money and the power to influence, what will you do? Face the justice so honest or evade? So the exploitation of law and order happens everywhere in the country.

Whatever the plea, you can adjourn as long as you can do. If lawyer A misses a loophole Lawyer B is an expert to find another one for you. I am not blaming the lawyers because they too are infected by this system and now a part of this system.

snake_charmerThis may look like a small thing but Honcho 1 the major culprit which has roots & branches , deep & wide across the nation in every sector, every industry, every administrative system and every process which runs the nation. It is not an Individual’s story of escaping the law and justice. It is a story about a toothless non venomous snake. Whoever fears believing the snake is powerful by its appearance on an overview, are given judgements by their fear itself but not by the snake.

When you have access to money and power to keep the snake charmers by your side, then you can manipulate the toothless snake as you want; even you can decide how it needs to be seen by others. You can direct how the show be seen by the nation. Closer to the arena, better the view. The last class of citizens will get only what you wanted to reach them, based on the grapevine spread by the comments, roars and cheers of those who were near the arena. If they roar “Oh the snake bit him for his work” then the men on last row will believe it. Unfortunately most of the Indian citizens are in the last row.

You can relate the snake charmers as whoever you want to. The news / communication media play the role of viewers near the arena. Rest all have to believe what they roar. They enjoy playing with the snake – The toothless snake which will never bite them. The snake takes its chances who ever are produced before it and bites only those whom the charmer directs to have a go, still fear only does the job not the snake. People who has power, money and know charmers will come to the next show and eventually there will be no scene of biting. The charmers are subject to change but all charmers possess the same traits to manipulate to tune the snake.


There is no centre of control here. Nobody fears law, nobody fears a justiciary system. Small crime or biggest crime you can live your life and complete it before the law do its duty. Occasionally few get punished and sacrificed  in order to keep the favourable laws in place otherwise people may demand a change.

Sorry! No more people are sitting in the back rows to believe what others roar, it is too late. People got to know the trick of the roarers and many roarers are actually mascots owned by the charmers and their bosses. You can relate it to the TV, News and other media and ownership behind them.

Now what? We know the impotent laws are creating loopholes, thus leads exploitation in every field, people are getting aware of it. Will it bring a change to this infected system? No. It will not.

This No.1 Honcho is too strong. He persuades and forms the Honcho no.2. Selfishness of people are being used by the system to drag him into the corrupt.

So born the second Honcho “The lacking individual responsibility to the country” As people start to realize something fishy about the snake charmers’ shows they move on to explore the reality. Instead of  expelling from the system or correcting the system they are lured into the selfish benefits.

They are becoming the hyenas if I imagine this as a food chain and the process is making more hyenas looking for what benefit we can make from the leftovers.

There are very few of us who believe and realize that it is “we- the people” who make the system and it is we individuals collectively forming the society. Unless we change as individuals, this nation is not going to face any revolutionary change. Believe me the infection will spread and we will be worse than before and what we are now.

Not only India every nation faces this kind of social problems when they have progressed. That is how the transition process of development occurs. We face problems, solutions then refine it, we find problems we find solutions.. The cycle never ends.

Look at developed nations like US, UK and many European nations. Especially Japan, the country devastated by the nuclear errors of mankind, its only the individual commitment of the citizens  made such a progress and made what Japan is today.  

The level of individual commitment should increase in us. Rather thinking so selfish about our wealth accumulation, we as individuals should look to contribute to the society. Whatever the area of interest we have, we can do justice to it and try to excel in it. In due process we will earn money enough and contribute automatic to the country’s growth. All who excel in their profession never worry about wealth, naturally they will make it. The successful persons never been behind the money, but their passion, which yielded the money in return. Developed nations have aligned the individual growth along with the national growth by effective laws and administrative procedures. Also well monitored and kept in control by the judiciary system.

Well when a system makes a law some breaks it, some follow it. But the crowd will walk in the direction of the majority. Who is the majority here in our great nation? Followers of law or breakers?  You know the answer.

If not I give a list of the consequences, you arrive at an answer.

Name few politicians / people in power who completed the punishment by Indian courts of justice.

Name the crime which we have reduced from our past history.

Name few lessons we learned and implemented effective administrative procedures. We are still solving our conflict with our brothers in Pakistan, unable to make Chinese as our friends, Stop North Indian south Indian blame games, Prevent extremism on religions/castes and encourage humanity.

If we end up in an argument I can give an endless list to justify my point, you will end up with a small list which others used to fool the nation. GDP, Globalization, Technology. May be in your list which are just glorified, fabricated facts. The reality is still sad.

We need politicians whom we respect in the heart.

We need government officials whom we can trust.

We need a friendly neighbour not a caste / religious extremist who hate us for my birth as a Hindu / Muslim / Christian / Jain / whatever

We need Justice which is equal to everyone.

We need qualified leaders to rule us! Qualified in virtues of character and Knowledge of wisdom.


Along with other someone somewhere who thinks like me, I am dreaming a better India. We do what we can do for our nation. Next to being human, I am a proud Indian.


-Words by Din 

7 thoughts on “Decadent Side of the Largest Democracy : A Citizen’s Voice

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  1. very fabulous post this is exposing the odds in the largest democracy .. the masked and the hypocrites ..
    repeated study on the topic peaceful coexistence has assured me that lack of peace with neighbouring countries and people following different religion , belonging to different castes and originating from different states and speaking different languages.. inside the country , are all victims of Divide and rule policy of few opportunist religious or political individuals !! The more such numbers increased, the more increased the retaliation and then some more leaders like them …
    vicious cycle !!
    Its time this be broken !! its high time !


    1. Hey, thought I replied and missed it. Sorry for being late.. hope we initate a change in our generation atleast.. There’s no other way, i remember this quote “one can fool someone sometime, one can fool someone all the time but one cannot fool everyone all the time” !!!

      Thanks for your valuable comment MySay..


  2. We all should stand Together in building up a Nation we are dreaming… 🙂
    Here is My opinion iy you want go through it–


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