Heartwarming Story : Little Boy and his Dog “Pat”

A boy had a dog called Pat. Pat was his best buddy ever. One day suddenly the dog was dead due to aging. He could not bear losing his best buddy. He was always weeping and missed him a lot. His parents were worried about him and tried explaining him the nature of birth and death. But nothing could heal his loss.

They took him to a psychologist and explained his situation. The doctor called the boy in and told him. “Hey champ, please do not cry. Answer me something. You love your mom and dad right?”

He answered “Yes”. “I even love my Mom and Dad, Do you love you Grand Ma?” asked the doctor. 

He replied “Yes”. “You know something, I lost my Grandma, her name is Hannah, last week the same day you lost your Pat and I was crying like you. See now I am fine, not crying anymore. So please stop crying dear.”

The boy said “Have you raised up your grandma since she was a child? But I have raised up my Pat since the day he was born. I miss him more than how you miss your grandma”

The doctor and the parents were pushed to silent.

The doctor thought for a while and told the boy “Yes Dear, now I understand your loss. I am sorry. But you know I got my grandma back. Since I could not have the opportunity to raise her up, she was born again as my daughter. You do not believe, this is called reincarnation and she is right there in the room next. That’s why I am not crying. I got her back. Would you like to see her?”

The boy jumped down his chair with strange question on his eyes and himself walked to the room next. There was a baby and her mother. The boy asked the Mother “What’s the baby’s name?”  “Hannah” she said “My dear”. 

The boy walked back to the doctor and asked him “Could you get my Pat born again like this?” 

The doctor answered “Why not? I already told God about it, he said that he will give rebirth to Pat again and send to your home” 

The Boy rushed the parents to take him home and by this time he had already stopped crying. They thanked the doctor and  took the boy home. 

When he reached home, there was a surprise for him. A sweet puppy was wagging its tail and walked towards the boy. No words could define his happiness and he called the pup, “Oh my Pat I missed to so much” and kissed the pup. The parents were astonished and called up the doctor to inform this miracle.

The Doctor answered “I just did my Job, in fact my grandma’s name is not Hannah but the baby’s and I have just called the pet center to deliver an orphan pup to your home. Its mother was killed in an accident. The pup will never miss the love of its mom, I am confident on your boy’s Love. Is he calling him Pat?” asked the doctor. “As he grows up he will understand everything” said the doctor.

Their eyes were filled with tears and thanked him. 

Kids will always be Kids, It is we who need to understand them by getting into their world.

The Original version ended with the boy questioning the doctor and conveyed “kids are always kids”. I found something missing and added up some length to the story 🙂 Now I feel it’s a complete one 🙂 Sometimes, we can Ignore our beliefs and rigid systems whether to believe reincarnation kind of stuffs and can use it wisely, if it can bring smiles to a soul. I found some inspiration in the story. Hope you too..

-Words by Din

Image Courtesy : My dog dou dou 

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