Story : Hot Coffee and Gold Cups

You can use this story if you want to convey the meaning of life to someone who lives a fake life for worldly stuffs and for convincing others.

Once a successful man offered an evening party to his friends, to share his happiness with all. At the end of the party, the waiters brought a big can full of delicious hot coffee. On the buffet there were plenty of cups ranging from ordinary glass cups, artistic porcelain cups and expensive gold cups.  The man asked everyone to make themselves comfortable to take the coffee as they wish. Everyone preferred the costly cups made of gold expensive ones. No one bothered about the normal cups. They have seen it as their prestige to have the coffee on expensive one. As everyone crowded for the expensive gold cups, there was some delay in getting one for them and then they have finally come to the can to serve themselves some coffee.


As every got one and while sipping the coffee, the man asked friends “How is the coffee?” They answered that it was delicious and said it would be better if it was served a bit hotter. The man replied “Well, I had it hotter than you all! You know why? Because I chose an ordinary glass cup while you delayed waiting in queue for getting your gold ones.” All were looking at each other.

Then the man said “folks, you know how I am happy always? And being successful? I tell you. We all know that the coffee everyone served with is the same, but we concentrated on the cups which will make no difference to its taste. The same is our life as Coffee. We all look for various worldly things like a job, money, status, pride etc. which are just like the cups. So what many of us do is we focus more on the other stuffs and lose the real taste of the life. I just wanted to share my secret of success with you all. I always lived my life fullest and worked on my passion. “

What it matters to you the coffee or the cups? 

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