Hard Truth You May Deny about Love



Either you go without commitment or full commitment.

Any love / marriage relationship entered with

a thinking of break up / divorce as a future option;

Is as equivalent to a cheap fake illicit affair.


It never sustains the inevitable thick and thin of life.

Love is beautiful, only few minds are ugly.

May be an Oblivious option for you!

What if the other one is serious about you!


Say No to relationships while Schooling

Say No to relationship without commitment

Immature Love is injurious to Mind!


-Words by Din

Note: Morality is something which differentiates us from animals. We evolved from animals to a wise human. Being one for one is like universal truth and the way of leading life in my perspective. Individuals may have a different opinion. The sole idea behind this message is to prevent relationship break ups, unwanted love affairs while studying and to avoid subsequent pain due to break ups. Critics and feedback welcomed.

We are blogging just for you! Nothing gives fulfillment than your feedback. Love your opinion :)

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