Story : A Bird teaches a lesson to its Chicks and Us


A bird and its chicks lived in the nest in a big tree in a farm. The owner of the farm wanted to do some furniture works and wanted to cut that big tree for it. The chicks have listened to his conversation with his son and informed their mother “Mom they are going to cut the tree tomorrow”. “What they were saying exactly” asked the bird. The father said to his son “Tomorrow I asked the woodcutter to come here, so once he comes we will cut the tree” told the chicks. The bird told not to worry and assured nothing will happen.

Next day something happened and the woodcutter had not turned out there. “See that’s what I was telling about” said the bird to its chicks and fled away for getting some food. When it returned the chicks panicked again saying that the owner and his son discussed that tomorrow they will bring another woodcutter and cut the tree for sure, they also said that their works are delayed. “So mom they will do it for sure, let us go somewhere safe” chorused the chicks. The bird said “Please do not panic I am there for you and nothing will happen tomorrow too, we will see if the wood cutter comes”

The next day also the wood cutter has not turned up. The chicks were so happy and informed the bird that she was so correct about everything and they won’t panic anymore. The bird asked what they discussed today. The chicks said “They were frustrated and said that since the woodcutter did not turn up they themselves will cut the tree and he asked his son to bring an axe tomorrow”

The bird said in an alert tone “Come on kids, let us pack up, the moment they decided to do their work themselves, they will come any moment and cut the tree. Let’s find another tree kids.” The bird shifted the nest to another tree nearby so quickly and took the chicks carefully. Next day the father and son had cut the tree.

Moral : One who decides to do his work himself will do it for sure.


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