Walking Monster & Myna Family: A Birdwatching experience


Bird watching is a peaceful engagement of my mind, while sitting for some time in our garden. I heard some screeching sound nearby and followed the direction. I found this lovely little one blinking its shiny eyes. He is very young, probably just out of its nest for the first time.

I can feel some fear in his eyes to look at the world and some excitement which he might show only to his parents. He could not fly away seeing me approaching closer to have a good look at him. Probably he may tell his mom “Mom When you are not there I have seen a walking monster! Do not leave me here…”

I ran back and returned with my digital cam. I asked him to say cheese, only to see him turn his face away. Conveyed “Oh Paparazzi” to me. The light was so dim early in the morning so a sudden flash light from the camera should have surprised him. “What’s that?” He looked back at the camera and I snapped another one. I heard some loud screech around my head. It was Mr.  And Mrs. Bird back with the breakfast to the kiddo. I did not want to disturb them and moved little far from their view and continued my bird watching.

Just 10 mins, I could not find the kiddo there then. Probably he might have informed his fear about “the walking monster”.

The next day my mom called me to come slow and silent spotting a shrub. I did. On closer look, I got to know that the kiddo was not a single child but with his twin in fact. This time I brought the camera with me. Snapped two shots and moved away as the parents came near and went bit protective about their kids.

I observed what they were doing and in no time they shifted the location of a little one, leaving the other one there. I found a strange pattern in the way they care about their babies. First the dad does the chick-watching, while the mother goes out seeking food and then she feeds the chicks. By this time the dad went for his turn to find some food. This happens a routine.

Now both the little ones were shifted to a drumstick tree. The two birds were screeching something to their kiddos, probably were saying about me to them “Do not get scared, Dad has driven the Walking-Monster away far beyond the seven seas… So smile now sweetheart” But they do not know that I am watching them from my dungeon, hiding from their view without disturbing them.

A small sparrow approached the same tree for some rest. The parents never minded about it. Hope they know the little traveler is no eagle to hunt their kid. Two squirrels were playing their evening games jumping between branches, entered the prohibited zone, the drumstick tree. Both the birds chased the squirrels three to four trees away and returned to their kiddos again.

Indian Mynas

They were back on their business to find some night snacks for the kids in turn. I was so attentively watching them, but they took both the little ones without letting me know the whereabouts. Probably back to their nest in the coconut tree.

“Good night Kiddos!” The walking monster conveyed them a message and got inside his home. 

-Words by Din

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