6 Pics for 6th Sense : Their Eyes Speak a Lot : Orphans

Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes
Speaking eyes


9 thoughts on “6 Pics for 6th Sense : Their Eyes Speak a Lot : Orphans

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      1. because they are an adult human being smallish 🙂 so innocently. so innocent. have not been able to think in complex, although they are more intelligent than us. and they do not know how to express desires, but to do something simple. to their hearts. n peacefully course.

        good writing. photo soulful and emotional empathy 🙂


  1. Are these children orphans or are they in orphanages because the families cannot feed all the children? Or because it is a single parent home and there is no one to care for the child? If both parents are not dead, or declared unfit as humans to raise these children, then they are not orphans.
    The orphanages in India, Nepal, and many other countries are full of children that are not eligible for adoption because they are not orphans.
    While I appreciate the pictures, and the plight of these children – more than anyone will ever know – what societal issues need to be addressed?
    Your blog and its authors write very compelling stories and put compelling pictures. That is maybe the goal, to raise awareness. But please put some political and historical, societal context for those who are not familiar with your country and culture.
    That only now women can start coming forward and admit to being raped. That a woman divorced by her husband is shamed by her family and disowned. Not a century ago. This is only now being talked about.


    1. Dear Anne,

      I value your comment and feel the real concern you shared for those kids. Yes it is true that Orphanages in India are not regulated by laws and ethics much. Precisely to say, not eligible as you said.

      You were exactly right about our vision to raise awareness level on various societal issues. What we do here now is trying to build a community of people around the world who are caring about such issues. For instance, take this one issue of Orphans across globe, In India the practices associated with managing the orphanages are not good, but in some other countries like USA, it could be better. So, once the realities are shared in a community of people with similar interests, we will come up with solutions to solve it. Irrespective of political differences we can help each other by sharing ideas.

      See now you have added valuable perspectives especially to define “who are orphans?”

      ” Aware > Educate to Kids > Build Solutions together > Make life on earth better ” a simple linear action plan of Propel Steps I can say. We have just started this organization and are in the first stage of getting more awareness and sharing that with all.

      Now we are just trying to reach out more people who share similar thoughts and say something happens here, and Propel Steps is trying to do something for it.

      I have started interacting with a lot of students in India during my workshops, to make them aware of what they need to learn apart from regular school stuffs and how their learning is going to be beneficial for the society, the links between their career & Society as a whole, not in a narrow national perspective but on a wider global perspective. We are developing a platform where ideas from around the globe can be shared with rural kids here in India. The three area of our concern are Global Societal Progress, Environmental sustainability and Individual excellence as a human. Long term, i am looking at this develops as a knowledge sharing platform which really can take the message to the rural parts of the world and make our world a better place to live. Long long long way ahead to go… 🙂

      A Basic model of what we look ahead..

      Sure we will post more additional information about all you mentioned. It is a nice feedback to guide us how can we go about from here..

      We need your continued support and feedback always 🙂

      Peace and Love


      1. Thank you for taking the time to further explain the mission and model of what you are trying to accomplish with your project and Propel Steps. I admit I have not had the time to look at your entire online publication to look for an overall mission statement /goals. I will have to find the time to do that. 🙂

        I don’t know that the US has traditional orphanages anymore, but we do have children who need homes. The system that provides care for them has many problems, and often by the time the children are available for adoption, they are older and have many emotional problems. This is a symptom of underlying issues with our society.
        In many other countries, the orphans are true orphans – the parents are dead from AIDS. Poverty, lack of medicine, other issues…
        China’s huge adoption program stemmed from the “one child” rule and the desire of families to have a male child. A societal issue.

        Here is glimpse into my “why” on issues relating to adoption –

        I should say one reason I became involved in global health issues, including those related to adoption. It has been a very long and winding road, to say the least…but life has been very interesting because of it.


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