Let’s fill our Soul…

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Let’s be ready

Keep our soul filled
-With Love
-With Compassion
-With Strength
-With Rejoice

Let’s be ready
Always be ready

We do not know
When our soul’s door be knocked?
One Act of Kindness

Lets make a difference from within.
Let’s be ready

                                    – Words by Din

10 thoughts on “Let’s fill our Soul…

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  2. So so good, am re blogging ! Happy friendship day 🙂


  3. I have spent 30 years filling my soul as a teacher. I pray I have filled a few other souls as well. God bless you for the lovely thought.


    • Teachers have a special place in my soul, I value their service the best in the world. I am learning from the experiences of teachers like you and grooming myself as one… Feeling politely thankful for your feedback.

      Peace and Love


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