Indian Law got punished by the Rapist!


Law punished the Delhi rapist as a minor boy! I would correct the statement; the law got punished by the rapist, exposing the powerlessness of Indian laws.

The Juvenile Justice Board today sentenced the juvenile accused in the Delhi gangrape case to three years of punishment at a juvenile remand home after he was found guilty of rape and murder in the 16 December 2012 incident.

Three years is the maximum punishment that can be awared to a juvenile convict as per the existing provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act. – First

This is not an outburst kind of writing from me as the judgment has not surprised me. It is just happening all the time in the Indian toothless law. This kind of judgment neither going to punish the offender nor going to make him realize his crime to make him a good man, just setting an example on how useless our judiciary system is.

In my opinion punishment is not the final solution for any crime! Every Crime has its roots and causes, look at the society where one crime is committed; the society will feed a lot of such crimes.

Indian society feeds corruption, rape etc. Why Afghanistan was described as a land of terror? Because the society there had fed the so called terrorism!

Crime is like a parasite and it can feast, grow and exist only in a society where it gets fed. Till the society gets immune such crimes will keep on occuring. Delhi will change, Mumbai will come, Victims will be more and culprits will never stop.

Look at our cultural trend and which direction our moral conscious travels on a whole as a society. Best example, we have improved so much to watch pornography on the state assembly! Rape is the crime due to lack of individual ethics, values and self discipline. Answer yourself is our Indian society imparting such values, ethics and self discipline? Our Governments lack of them, our leaders lack of them, Our Officers lack of them and importantly we public lack of them.


Laws should see the crimes as whole and consider all the factors leads to a crime. Judgment should be there to clear the crime from the roots of society and prevent its occurrence in the future. Make strict laws on the imparting ethics, self discipline and cultural awareness to the public, especially younger generation. Parents need to be educated, If we do not impart good values to the next generation then we are committing the first part of the crime and they just continue it from where we left.

I am just a common man who can write and do whatever I can do in my range! I do my part and ask whoever I can do their part well. That’s all I could do. The rest is up to all the people who can influence the law, who are in power and do it well please. Else you could wait till the crime occurs in your home and then you can join the others to shout slogans “Change the law! This is Injustice!”


5 thoughts on “Indian Law got punished by the Rapist!

    1. Thanks for your opinion and i read your perspectives as well. What I mentioned was not to target judiciary but the society as a whole and the impact of laws extended to the roots of a crime, not just to the criminals.

      We can do two things, one we can keep talking about the why it is not possible for us to act accordingly and what the system not allow us, stay dormant as we were and go worst.

      Two, we can break those imaginary comfort zone and act for a change, rather protecting favorably a particular group like judiciary or political… As you mentioned, consideration need to be given for a criminal to realize his/her crime and restored to a life. But our current laws does not have such options. Organized crimes are increasing in India, because of ineffective laws and loop holes. I am concerned just as you my friend, not arguing.


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