Eco preservation : South African Students Turn Trash Into Living Walls

Reblogged from National Geographic : Hannah Allderman, a 17-year old student in Cape Town, South Africa, who told she is “mad about going green.” Hannah did a recycling project with a friend, Ellie Simpson, turning discarded plastic bottles into urban planters.

“We got involved in the community, taught people about sustainable gardening, and made many living walls for the community,” Hannah explained.

“Since then our project has expanded and we are making even more living walls now, educating locals and taking our project further in every way possible. This is just a start and a glimpse at what we did. We will be making a short film, showing people how to make the walls and what to plant in them, as soon as possible,” she wrote.

The girls show how local trash can be repurposed into something beautiful and useful, even to bring fresh food to places that need it most.


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