Free from Delusions


Often we make delusions about our life based on what we perceive from the way others live. Sometimes happy when we find we are better than others and sometimes dejection when we find our life below par on certain aspects.

Life is a simple purpose of existence we all do have in common, yet everyone has a unique life. Whatever the essence of our value systems about life, some believe in Karma; some believe in God, some do live a free lifestyle, whatever! Everyone has unique path, the doors of the pasts are different for every single human just like the future. We are not heading for a same destiny, so there is no point to set an expectation that we need to copy a life what others live.

A celebrity may enjoy his privacy spending Billions on his own Island, where a salaried employee gets the privacy he wants in few thousands with his family. Take another instance a spinster woman traveller may find her joy of life on her expeditions meeting various people and culture, other hand a typical homemaker finds her joy of life on raising her kids and making a happy family. One can afford something, which another cannot, One can keep on the go, where another confines of a family life, but it does not make any differences in their lives. One can be happy in his/her own world and satisfied with his/her own life. This is the ultimate truth.

Happiness is not with money or any worldly possessions but something beyond that in the inner self. But it is unfortunate we are habituated for delusions. The society is marketing delusions. Look how he lives! Look what she got! Oh you are still using this? We are far advanced than you! We all have delusions in our blood. It’s inevitable. It’s a comfort.

We developed culture, trends, religions everything based on these delusions of comparing and copying what one another has got. Science and technology are the Masterpiece of the delusions. We compete with each other and try to oust the other by being a better one.

Is the delusion good or bad? Well this is the system that we are a part of! Delusion is like a program which always runs along throughout our life span. All it matters is how we are using the delusions and how much we are aware of them! More delusions you take more normalized you will be. You can choose to opt out of delusions completely then you will have a unique way of life. You will see life entirely new, something near godly. You can look at other lives on earth on so magnificent. We call such people as saints or sages, who are unaffected by delusions. This is the same what meditations and spirituality explains us.  

Unplugging from delusions makes life a marvel, to have control of your own actions. Like something in a matrix world! All you need to do is to believe that the life one life is unique; everything else happening around is man-made restrictions. We are supposed to be free souls. However the supposed free world for free souls is exists no more. So we ought to be bound by worldly protocols.

Yet knowing the truth provides us the wisdom.

-Words by Din

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