Fun Time : Have a break with “Tsim Sha Tsui” :)

One of my favorite stand-up comedy by Russell Peters – This is a non stop laughter…

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    1. Hi Anne, I am not specific about any awards, since you have referred and it is for a good cause, I would like to go ahead, but i am bit new to these award kinda stuffs, so if possible please educate me.

      As far as I understand, I need to blog the same posts part one and part two that you have posted right? Then what happens, some other will do it the same way we did. Where comes the award?

      But one thing is sure the intended message will be shared across and helps people to prevent suicide. That’s the motto right?

      Hey please do not mind if I asked you too much questions 🙂


      1. Thanks for accepting the award and putting forth the information on suicide prevention! I should have mentioned that the phone numbers are specific to the USA, as are the statistics.
        I know your blog is specific to issues in India (mostly) and I don’t know what suicide rate is in India. It is epidemic in the USA. I will let you decided if you want to modify the data for your article. Or, you may discuss the epidemic in USA – but change and/or add the numbers for the countries that read your blog.
        You do not need to do 2 parts. Just the award nominated for. Copy the picture from my website so you can upload it to your site. Acceptances vary, but this one asks that you promote suicide prevention, and nominate other blogs you feel are worthy of the award – up to 10.
        Yes, the intended message is to help people recognize signs of suicide and depression in self/others and know how to get help. If there is a program in India, this is a good way to promote it.
        If you would like to “dress up” your site to promote the concept, the prevention org. that is included in my post has given permission for use of any logos, banners, literature to be used.
        Does this answer all your questions?


        1. Hi Anne,

          Thanks a lot for taking your time to explain me. I got your theme and what you care about. As you said I am from India, though our readers are more from USA 🙂

          I would like to frank with you. We are not particular about any rewards or recognitions what we get for our work. I started Propel Steps as a SocioEntrepenerial venture.

          As much as I can, I am doing services now. Suicide is something which need to give more emphasis and prevent it. Sure I will come up with more statistics and data on a global perspective and share here and do as you say to track back some good bloggers as you.

          I may miss out in Awards kind of procedures because its unfamiliar to me, But I ensure the intended message reaches more as you mentioned.



        2. Hi Dinesh,
          I appreciate your willingness to spread the word on suicide prevention to your readers, and link to others. I put a second link on both your and my sites to the multi-national one. About half my readers are from outside the US – While I write from my perspective of life, on an issue such as this, I want to make resources available to others if they are needed. I see that suicide is higher, per capita, in India, than the United States. I know in the US, it is higher among certain ethnic groups. (This is a field of study – epidemiology.)
          The award system on WordPress, such as the ones I mentioned in my blog today, have various meanings which I did not explain because my article was so long. Basically, your fellow writers are acknowledging the writing and work you do on your blog. Some people choose not to accept them because they do generate a certain amount of work…which can be fun if you need a topic. Other times, people do what I did today and creatively put them together – but this is the first time I have seen them tied to an important cause, one that is so easily preventable by educating people and de-stigmatizing a mental health issue.
          The awards are highly coveted by many bloggers – it helps increase their readership and says “Hey, I see all the work you are doing and like what I see.” Others have posted “no awards” which is very frustrating when all one is trying to do is compliment someone on their work. (Personally, I disagree with that approach – and will probably blog about it at some point 🙂 )
          I appreciate your approach – “Thanks, but no thank you.” I know your blog is different than many. But I wanted to acknowledge the various approaches you are trying – reporting, creative writing, etc., to make people aware of the various issues you believe are important.
          Most of us that look like “personal bloggers” are doing the same – What I like about WordPress is that there are scientists as artists, doctors as authors, waitresses as activists, moms home with their kids that are writing books, taking pictures, expressing and supporting important causes – on “personal blog” sites.
          My daughter is presently in a supervised setting because of the issue I have been writing about. But I started writing the blog 2 weeks ago. So it is not because of her I write, but for everyone.
          So thank you for picking up the torch on this, Dinish, even if you decline the award. You did it very graciously.
          Please let me know if you want help with the data- I love my data 🙂
          Anne 2


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