Aware : More on Circular Economy : Change for our future!

Linear business models encourage increased consumption and more waste while moving to a circular economy has tangible benefits for production costs, the environment and supply chain

Circular Economy

Our economy is largely linear: we dig things out of the ground, turn them into products that last from minutes to a few years at most, and then stick them back into the ground as landfill. This wastes resources, money, and harms the environment through both extraction and disposal. We can minimise our use of resources, but we will still need raw materials to make the products we consume. So how do we avoid environmental impact, reduce our exposure to volatile and rising commodity prices, and capture the valuable materials which we currently pay to dispose of?

Our solution is a circular economy – one which captures materials so that today’s goods are remanufactured or reused to become tomorrow’s goods, rather than landfill. To make this work, we need to understand how circular business models can be developed in a way that keeps companies profitable, and how the policy landscape can better help to foster a circular, resource secure economy.  

In this video, Ellen MacArthur takes us on a journey to investigates how insights from living systems might offer some of the answers to how we can re-design our future, in a world of increasing finite materials and energy.

Image Source : The Guardian
Image Source : The Guardian

Image Courtesy and Source: The Guardian



Information Source and Courtesy :, Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation and Youtube, Google

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