Food We Eat : Conventional Breakfast (30 Countries)

Argentina: Danish Pastries filled with Custard

Breakfast (1)

Australia: Cold Cereal, Milk and Toast
Breakfast (2)

Brazil: Ham, Cheese, Bread, Milk, Coffee
Breakfast (3)

Canada: Eggs, Potatoes, Sausage, Ham, Pancakes
Breakfast (4)

Chile: Bread and Cheese, Jelly or Yogurt and Cereal
Breakfast (30)

China: Dim sum
Breakfast (5)

Colombia: Changua Milk, Scallion, and Egg soup
Breakfast (6)

Cuba: Cuban Bread dunked in Sweetened Coffee
Breakfast (7)

Egypt: Fava Beans, Chickpeas, Hard Boiled Egg, Veggies
Breakfast (8)

England: Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Beans, and Mushrooms
Breakfast (9)

Finland: Open Sandwiches, Cheese, Cold Cuts, Cereal
Breakfast (10)

France: Croissants and Coffee
Breakfast (11)

Ghana: Rice cooked with Beans and Spices
Breakfast (12)

Germany: Cold Meats, Sausages, Cheese, Bread
Breakfast (13)

India: Idli Wada- Fermented Black Lentils and Rice
Breakfast (14)

Italy: Cappuccino and Hard Roll or Biscotti
Breakfast (15)

Japan: Miso soup, Cteamed Rice, and Pickles
Breakfast (16)

Mexico: Huevos rancheros, Chorizo, Tortillas and Coffee
Breakfast (17)

Mongolia: Fatty, Boiled Mutton with Rice
Breakfast (18)

Morocco: Breads with Jam, and Cheese or Butter
Breakfast (19)

Nigeria: Moi Moi Ground Bean in a Wrap
Breakfast (20)

Pakistan: Bread filled with Vegetables
Breakfast (21)

Peru: Bread with Butter, Jam, Cheese, Ham, Oatmeal
Breakfast (22)

Poland: Chleb bread, Cold Meats, Eggs, Cottage Cheese

Portugal: Stuffed Croissants with Jam or Cheese, Coffee
Breakfast (24)

Russia: Russian Oladi, Yeast Pancakes and Oatmeal
Breakfast (25)

Spain: Caf con leche, Sweet Rolls with Jam, Cheese
Breakfast (26)

Thailand: Pork heart, Pork Intestine, Chinese doughnuts
Breakfast (27)

Turkey: Bread, Cheese, Butter, Olives, Eggs
Breakfast (28)

USA: Eggs, Pancakes, Sausage, Bacon, Hash Browns
Breakfast (29)

34 thoughts on “Food We Eat : Conventional Breakfast (30 Countries)

  1. Looking at it us making me hungry


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  5. Interesting stuff. I used to live in Turkey and loved the breakfasts I swore I’d keep eating like that when I got home, but I never did.


  6. This American likes to eat a bowl Cheerios cereal of a weekday morning. Eggs and bacon, pancakes or waffles are reserved for the weekend. πŸ™‚ I think a breakfast of a sweet roll and coffee would leave my blood sugar dropping awfully low by mid-morning.


  7. Wow!!! Not that I wouldn’t try any of these breakfast’s, but I want to live in France or Italy πŸ™‚
    Great post!!


  8. now that’s given me some food for thought! you can’t beat an English fry-up though πŸ˜‰


  9. Cannot beat the English breakfast.


  10. It’s correct. In Italy we usually drink cappuccino for breakfast, but we often prefer a double espresso and instead of cookies we have bread, butter and jam. Compliments for this careful research about breakfasts in the word.


  11. Mmmm…. Your pictures make me very hungry. I must have my breakfast NOW! (^-^)


  12. Mmm…I like the Indian breakfast best πŸ™‚


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  14. Reblogged this on Live2EatEat2Live Blog and commented:
    Very interesting. Mine would either be a loco moco or rice, Portuguese sausage and eggs. What would be your “normal” breakfast?




  16. Wow! What a fun post. Canadians seem to start the day well. I think I would be full all day if I ate all that πŸ™‚


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