Powerful Quote #63 : Depr(ison)ession


Depressed mind is the worst prison you can get yourself caught in!
The key is thyself. Breakout Now!

-Words by Din

5 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #63 : Depr(ison)ession

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  2. The very first day of this month, you look like you were depressed. Let you come out of your hopelessness, mental sickness and lead a peaceful life.


    • 🙂 ha ha ha.. Dear God, What I have done!

      It is just a quote I written!! Not all my writings are necessarily need to be what I am going through, sometimes we learn from things happening around us as well right? From my past experiences I have written this 🙂 It’s just from my understanding about life. When I write about me I usually mention its “my own life’s experience”, check my flashback 🙂 https://propelsteps.wordpress.com/about/our-story/the-story-of-propel-steps/

      Anyhow, you are so kind person to share your prayers. I am absolutely fine and not Mentally sick or hopeless 😛 In fact I have tonnes of hopes and confidence to share with everyone. I am training 100s of Kids in pursuit of their ambitions with confidence..

      This is the Most memorable comment and the kindest prayer ever. Thanks Prabha Mam 🙂 Smiles and Peace to you too…


  3. I see not just creative, but very deep thoughts in your posts. Pray God to give you strength and direct the same for the betterment of all.


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