Gandhi : Complete Life, Rare Documentary and my Views.

Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and ...
Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948), political and spiritual leader of India.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi called fondly as Mahatma by the entire world, had influenced the many lives and the man who shaped India in its past history. The India which had our brotherhood nations Pakistan and Bangladesh as well together.

The Man I respect a lot for his sheer honesty and openness on his life, despite of the controversial things around him. No Great Leader exists without opposition! If there is no opposition, the one is not a leader at all. There he became the Noble prize winner a Great Leader of all times and the name we remember for a long time.

Here is his complete life documentary. Make a Sunday/ Holiday to watch this, has historical India we rarely can go back and see as a bonus to his epic journey.

Well, people (including my Dad) I had interacted / debated about him may find me along with other ‘Gandhi haters’, in fact I am an admirer of Gandhi who always tried to see him as a whole person instead of folding my eyes to his controversial side. One of the perfect personality study we can ever do is with Gandhi’s character and intake a huge insight about human life.

There are two kinds of Leaders / Legends of Mankind.

First one the righteous explorers who present us a unique way of seeing life. They live righteous form of life and faced so many struggles in their pursuit of being righteous. Well what is righteous may vary between you and me in this, accordingly one chooses their leaders. I go with the universal truth what I believe as righteous. The Jesus Christ, the Buddha, Swamy Vivekananda, Mohammed, Mahavira, and few others were in these first kind, were considered Godly. Not only because of their religion or faith alone, they were considered godly souls because of their virtues and character. They lived the life what they want others to follow, yet they never forced their version of righteous on anyone, people believed them at will because they knew the absolute truth in their words.

The second one the legends / explorers who present us a realistic way of seeing life. They lived as a free life of a soul which may have positives and negatives. But towards the end of their life they leave us a legendary epic for us to take inspiration and way of life. This one is the most realistic kind which anyone can relate it so easier and understand. The entire Hinduism is based on this second kind of leaders. Where the Gods are close to Human form and the epics of Mahabarata and Ramayana shown a lot of evidence on how man can realize leaders from a common human form thus lead gradually to godliness. Though these are religious, No other epic has insights for leadership than the Mahabarata in my opinion. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, Kannadasan and many are there in this kind of leaders who find the legend in themselves by living a true form of life as it is. 

There is no comparison which type of leader is greater or more divine / spiritual. It is up to the individuals to decide on what to look for in a leader. It’s a purely personal choice and opinion. I may choose to accept many of the virtues of the first kind than what I choose to accept from the second one, where I filter certain traits and leave taking interest on them, according to my consciousness and value systems. For Instance, Gandhi may have a private life controversial with women (claimed), Nelson Mandela had married many times, Lord Krishna may have taken the clothes of Gopiyars while bathing, the reasoning behind the pre-known suffering of the righteous is something which contradicts me, etc. I can have my justifications which I keep it to myself and never pass on to others or expect them to have it.

Overall souls like Gandhi had left us a path to think and be a own thinker to explore life and make a meaning for our lives. The value of Peace and Non Violence he imbibed in us is the best form and the lesson we can use today to solve our problems instead of Wars and religious chaos. Gandhi’s life lessons can teach our leaders to look the peaceful side of life instead of creating Wars on other countries. Hope we grab what the universal truth they all wanted us to grab on to.

Satyamev Jayate ( Truth Alone Triumphs)

– Words by Din

Note: These are my personal opinion and purely constructive with due respect to everyone I mentioned here. If any hypes please contact me. Love to know your views as well. 🙂

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