Assess: What kind of Confident Personality are you?

Many of us, pause for some time and check how others perceive our work. There can be an appreciation, or disagreement or even a no reaction from the recipients. There is no rule that the other person needs to be positive for our actions always.

Our happiness and mental peacefulness are more proportional to how much we give importance to others’ feedback.

Let us say you have 100 units of confidence in a project that you have done. Then you are presenting it to a group 100 people. Among them 50 people like your work and the other half dislikes it. Assume 50 positive reaction is equivalent to +50 units of Confidence, Whereas 50 dislikes / negative reaction is equivalent to -50 units of confidence.

Based on your personality type we can correlate your final confidence level as follows

Over Confident Personality:

Over Confident
This kind of persons takes only the positive feedback thus they will add up a further +50 units of confidence to their 100 units so they will have 150 units of confidence.

These people are mostly dictating and high performers, but volatile, yet their attitude towards a team can be so poor. In a justified environment these kind of personalities are subject to disliked more. Individually they are good but as a team they are poor.

Under Confident Personality:

under Confident

This kind of persons takes only the negative feedback thus they will deduce 50 units of confidence from their 100 units so they will have only 50 units of confidence.

These people are mostly negative minded and low performers, any point you can find them focusing on the negative side of things. In a justified environment this kind of personalities is ignored due to their negative mind sets. Often their views are seen as critics.

However these types of people are an essential part of a society to find faults which others may miss.

Variable Confident Personality:

Variable Confident
This kind of persons consider both the positive and negative feedback equally, thus they will add up the 50 and deduct the 50 units so they will have their original confidence level the same 100 units. However, based on the reaction variation this may change, for instance if the negative feedback is more, their overall confidence units may go down. Same on the other side if they get more positive feedback they then to be more confidence units.

These people are most common and optimal performers and very effective team players. The only concern is that these people need constant positive motivation and a leader to guide them. Only when the leadership fails these people tend to fail.

Constant Confident Personality:

Constant Confident
This kind of persons never lets the feedback to impact their original confidence level, be it negative or positive feedback they keep them aside. They manage it independently outside their mind on a common ground. Their original confidence level will remain the same irrespective of the feedback.

Further we can classify this kind into types,
A type People who consider the feedback – Justified / Democratic  who value others’ opinion
B type People who ignore the feedback – Autocratic  who do not value others’ opinion

Most of the ideal Leaders falls in this category of Constant Confident Personality Type.

An important point applies to all the four personalities is that their original confidence level need not to be 100 always that may vary from person to person. Just for better understanding the confidence is quantified as units, which in reality it is very difficult to do so. However a self analysis of ourselves can give us a better understanding about what kind of confident personality we are. Few of us are originally positive and negative, then according to our confident personality type we change. 

One of my favorite quotes helped me to develop this deeper insight

“No matter how wonderful you are you will always find someone who doesn’t like you! Even angels are hated by demons!” – Assya Moussaid 

It is advisable that we can work on our personality and groom ourselves to the Constant Confident Personality A Type, gradually. We need to develop resistance to feedbacks from  affecting our confidence levels. 

-Words by Din

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    1. Hi, I have seen your tweet now “That awkward moment when you search words of a quote you wrote, and find out dozens of ppl are claiming it’s theirs. #flattery or #theft? :)”

      Yes its sad when we see our works been used by others as their work. I found your quote somewhere and it said author unknown, else I would have mentioned it. Now I have added your name and back link to your twitter page.

      Even I too write quotes always followed by Words by Din as a mention. Please add your name following your quote always, atleast people who values our work will not remove our names. Keep Inspiring 🙂


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