1000+ tonne Gold Hunt begun in India


The Gold Hunt has begun searching for 1000 tonnes of Gold underground after a Sadhu / Saint raised clues for the availability of such treasure. Archaeological department, Govt. Officials and Public keep marching the temple which earlier had less attention than now, Unnao the town is now flooded with world media to witness the treasure hunt. Here comes more details about the place and the story… Let us see how it goes, will we find gold or just some archaeological samples 🙂

The town of Unnao (Hindi: उन्नाव, Urdu: اناو’) is the headquarters of Unnao district in Uttar Pradesh, India between Kanpur and Lucknow. It is approximately 18 km from Kanpur & 60 km from Lucknow .

The town of Unnao gives its name to the district of which it forms a part. About 1200 years ago, the site of this town was covered with extensive forests. Godo Singh, a Chauhan Rajput, cleared the forests, probably in the third quarter of the 12th century 

This region has been inhabited since antiquity as traces from ancient times remain at some places in the district.After the First War of Indian Independence in 1857, power was transferred from the British East India Company to the British Crown, by the Queen’s Proclamation of 1858. Once the order was restored, the civil administration was re-established in the district which was named Unnao, with headquarters at Unnao.

The hunt for a 1,000-tonne gold treasure had shades of the Hollywood western, Mackenna’s Gold. But the media circus that the occasion spawned was pure Peepli Live.


Seers furiously chanted mantra, television reporters from home and abroad jostled for space, villagers frantically clicked snapshots and posted them on social media — the scene at the village in central Uttar Pradesh was indeed a mix of the surreal and the post-modern.

Walking past the different tiers of security, Swami Shobhan Sarkar — whose dream of a gold treasure in a mound near the Shiva temple has prompted this wild treasure hunt — reached the site around 4.00am.

Sources had earlier revealed that ASI’s excavation strategy is as per Sarkar’s dream. “Swamiji had said that the Shiva temple casts a shadow at different times of the day. The shape of the area earmarked for excavation appeared after joining the dots,” they said. In the 1969 Western, Mackenna’s Gold, the shadow of a pillar and the way it moves plays a crucial role in the discovery of the gold.

By the time, the sun came up, the area had turned into a media circus with regional, national and international channels and reporters swarming all around. School children and college students watched the proceedings amused often engaging in witticism.

The excavation work began at 12pm after district magistrate Vijay Kiran Anand arrived. “We are getting the entire activity videographed. Senior officials from ASI and GSI are supervising the work,” he said.

Pravin Kumar Misra, superintending ASI archaeologist, said that a 12-member team, including excavators and laborers, had initiated work for the “dream” mission. “We are using basic tools. It appears we will not need the big drilling machines,” he said.

When asked about the possibility of finding gold, the ASI official said, “I cannot say anything about any metal. For us even a broken earthen pot of that time holds equal importance.” When asked about Sarkar’s dream, the ASI official said, “We have not come here for gold. We are archaeologists who have a scientific way of working.”

Shiv Mohan Tripathi, a retired English teacher from Rae Bareli Inter-college, said he had come to witness history. “Guruji never utters empty words. If he has said, there’s gold, it surely is,” he said. There is also a general belief that their fate would change for the better.

As the day wore on, the spot became a fairground of sorts. People clicked photos in the backdrop of the Shiva temple. Many headed towards the food stalls which had sprung up from nowhere and sold orange candy bars, cold drinks, chhole puri, pani batasha, samosa pakora, tea and mineral water.

Unnao is amazed by the drama. Most admitted they were glued to the television to gather updates. A government doctor said, “Until now, many of my friends had never heard of Unnao. Now, I am sure, some of them would remember it because of the tamasha.”

via TOI
Courtesy : Times of India, Wikipedia

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