Serving Humanity by Bharat Janani

” A Life not lived for others is not Life.” — Mother Teresa

There are many people in this world  who are blessed with reasonable wealth. They can always afford to easily part with a major proportion of their wealth for the betterment of the society while safeguarding their economical status and also after taking care of their children. A person has to introspect himself or herself as to how much wealth is really needed.

There are millions and millions of poor people in this world who are struggling to make both their ends meet. They love to provide better education to their children but send their children to work rather helplessly. The children are deprived of education for no fault on their part. The majority of the poor people has blind faith in their religion. They believe that children are God’s gift and God will take care of them. They don’t even worry for the worsening health of their wives and their children. They further think that the more the number of children they have the more family income they get. It is their sheer ignorance. Some of them even sell their children to the childless couples for a paltry sum. The agony of the mother is difficult to be imagined however poor the mother may be to part with a child. She may never get an opportunity to see her child in the future and her child in turn may never come to know about the biological mother.

We live for our welfare and for the welfare of our family members. There is nothing great about it. Great are those who are dedicated to the betterment of the society at large.

Please ponder for some time. How much luxurious life does need for us? What is a comfort level and what is affordability. Each and every one of us can help the society in our own way. We can do a lot. Those who can’t afford to part with the limited amount they possess can tutor the poor children for free. They can also help the lower middle class people by charging a nominal tuition  fee. Those people not possessing the necessary educational qualifications can volunteer their services in doing physical labour in good projects for free in their spare time.

We waste most of our time in watching TV programmes and movies in the name of entertainment. The amount of joy we get by serving our society is million times more than what we get in taking care of our physical comforts and that of our children for ensuring a better future for them by providing the necessary education to them.

People’s general thinking is that why should we waste our money on others for nothing. They also think that God made the poor to be born that way on account of their misdeeds in their last birth. This thinking is not correct. Helping the less fortunate people in the society doesn’t mean wasting the hard earned money but contributing to the overall development of a much larger family without restricting the benefits to the limited family. It also brings in developing the positive thinking among poor people about the other affordable category in the society including middle class people and helps immensely to the overall progress of the Nation.

Mother Teresa is the best example of what a person can do in serving humanity. I don’t think she ever thought why she was wasting her precious time on the poorest of the poor that too in a foreign country.


” Your life on earth expands exponentially when you can find a way to give it to somebody else. It simply doesn’t matter what that is. ” – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey has had her worst and best days. She is considered to be the most influential lady on earth. She has undertaken many wonderful projects for the betterment of the society. She is quite capable of doing much more in the years to come.

Baba Amte spent his entire life serving Leprosy patients in Maharashtra. Now his son Dr.Prakash Amte is following his father’s chosen path. Medha Patkar is fighting for the environmental protection and for the welfare of the poor being affected by big irrigation projects in India for many years.

Super Star Rajnikanth, a person of humility, is well known for his silent Philanthropic work( Guptha Daanam). He never goes for publicity whatever he does. He helps people individually and also through his numerous fan clubs. 

The temperamental hero of Bollywood, Salman Khan is also known for his charitable works.

 I read a fascinating story in Yahoo News. One Mr. T.L.Reddy of CLAP Foundation, a N.G.O,has started a bus called ‘ school on wheels’. He is a teacher with 25 years experience. A teacher travels to the slum areas of Hyderabad in this bus so that the children who can’t afford to go to school can learn on the bus itself with the help of the teacher and aids.The children are jumping with joy and utilizing the God sent opportunity to the maximum extent. Similarly ”Vibha ” a N.G.O in Milwaukee , U.S.A is also doing such a nice job in Pune  and other places in some wonderful projects undertaken by it for the benefit of poor people in India. My sincere thanks to all such organizations.

TL Reddy

A couple of years back I read in NDTV that a doctor couple started a walk- in kitchen in Hyderabad so that poor students can just walk – in and prepare the food of their choice free of cost with the provisions arranged by them and coolly walk out after having a hearty meal. What an excellent idea.

My heartfelt thanks to all those kind hearted people including Bill Gates, Warren Buffets and their group of rich friends who decided to donate 50% of their profits to the noble causes for the benefit of the society. I suppose their intention is genuine and not meant to gain some more publicity because of their social status.

On 9th December 2011, there was a huge fire in AMRI Hospital, Kolkata is resulting in the death of 89 Patients due to this tragic incident. A Hospital meant to save lives took lives in wholesale. The blame was put mainly on the insensible behavior of the Hospital Management and Staff and also on the late response of the Firemen. Out comes the news of two female angels in a flash from nowhere. They are Ramya and Vineeta, Nurses, both aged 24 years. They saved 8 Patients and succumbed to the heat and smoke while saving the ninth Patient. God was so pleased with them, He took them away in no time. Let’s Salute the Real Heroes. Bravo!! 

Saint Vemana observed one day that an old lady’s body was shivering due to cold during winter in front of a Temple. He immediately enters the Sanctum Sanctoram  and takes out a shawl covered on the Deity and covers the old lady with it. The Temple Priests get a shock of their lives and they protest strongly. Vemana told them what was the use of the shawl covered on the Deity if it’s not useful to a shivering old lady.

Pemmaraju Durga Kameswara Rao is a man with a difference. He resigned his Professor job in Boston University, U.S.A, for serving the poor in India.  He toured the entire State of Andhra Pradesh and had discussion with thousands of poor people. He was told that Bank officers exploited their illiteracy and economic condition while sanctioning the loans. He met higher officers, explained their problems and exposed Bank officers. Thus he solved their problems. He further concentrated on the literacy programmes for the poor. He started the night schools for their benefit. He explained about the merits of the Government schemes and helped the villagers to regain the land sanctioned to them by the State Government from the clutches of landlords. He explained about the benefits of small savings and inculcated in them the habit of small savings. He told the Government that the poor will construct their own houses sanctioned to them instead of being exploited by the greedy contractors. He started children’s schools for the benefit of the poor children who couldn’t afford to go to school. In this process he sold his lands and even a building in Hyderabad whenever there was a short of funds in his selfless mission. He is completely an unknown Hero. Hats off to him. May his tribe increase for ever.

– This article was originally posted on Bharat Janani, an inspirational website I have come across. Please read more articles like this on their website. It is Awesome. 

– Courtesy and Source : Bharat Janani

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