Earth Our Home Too : Sea Dwellers : Indonesia

TRIVIA: Underwater photography is the process of taking photographs while underwater. It is usually done while scuba diving, but can be done while diving on surface supplysnorkelingswimming, from a submersible or remotely operated underwater vehicle, or from automated cameras lowered from the surface. Underwater photography can also be categorized as an art form and a method for recording data.

Successful underwater imaging is usually done with specialized equipment and techniques. However, it offers exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater “landscapes”, invertebratesseaweeds, geological features, and portraits of fellow divers.

All these Wonderful pictures are captured in Indonesia by David M. Hogan, from USA, a self educated Photographer for the last ten years who always on the hunt for a new desktop background and loves making a record of all of the beautiful things. His Official Site


Disclaimer: All Copyrights of the images reserved to David M. Hogan, a few pictures are shared here are for non-profit, Eco-conservation and educational purposes only. Intended to inspire young minds who aspire for a career in photography and in Marine life.

Courtesy : David M. Hogan, Wikipedia and Flickr


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