Know : Top 10 Countries with Faster Internet Connections

Top 10 Countries with Slower Internet Connections (as of March 2013)

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10. Singapore

The Average Peak Speed : 30.7 Mbps
Trivia : Singapore with its high speed broadband and all the gadgets available there that go along with it perfectly is the ‘’tech-hub’’ of the world currently

9. Israel


The Average Peak Speed : 30.9 Mbps
Trivia : ‘’there’s good connectivity and even smarter and very technical people.’’ A perfect place for web start up culture, Israel is the place for startups after Silicon Valley.

8. Bulgaria


The Average Peak Speed : 32.1 Mbps
Trivia : Local area network is the most common type of internet access in Bulgaria, over 60 percent of consumers use this type of internet facility.

7. Switzerland


The Average Peak Speed : 32.4 Mbps
Trivia : In terms of internet users however, the country is ranked low due to the high internet costs in the country. Most of the households and broadband subscriptions in the country are via DSL, specifically ADSL and VDSL. Faster internet speed and especially high speed xDSL technologies and other fiber channels are mostly used by businesses only, due to their sky-rising costs.

6. Belgium


The Average Peak Speed : 32.7 Mbps
Trivia : In the fall of 2004 nearly 90 percent of Belgium’s entire territory was connected through ADSL provided by Belgacom, a telecom company in Belgium. With the kind of internet boasted by Belgium, you could download any of your favorite movies on the internet in just about 6-7 minutes max.

5. Romania


The Average Peak Speed : 37.4 Mbps
Trivia : Romania is the only country to have its average speed decreased from the previous quarter by 3.2 percent, along with the global decrease of 1.4 percent. Even with the substantial decrease in the speed, most countries would die to have Romania’s broadband speed.

4. Latvia


The Average Peak Speed : 37.5 Mbps
Trivia : Latvia is one of those countries that probably not many tech-junkies have heard of; however with a lot of government’s backup, it is one of those small European countries that have a soaring reputation for Internet connectivity.

3. Japan


The Average Peak Speed : 42.2 Mbps
Trivia : Japan, a country vastly known around the world for their tech and electronics industry is no doubt at the top of the internet game as well. The government of the country has for long prioritized their development in terms of internet betterment as a national goal, high-speed optic fiber runs through many parts of the small country.

2. South Korea

South Korea

The Average Peak Speed : 48.8 Mbps
Trivia : When online-gaming comes into discussion, South Korea is perhaps the pioneering and the only country that still hasn’t at all lost its love for the games played online. Home to several gaming competitions and societies, such as World Cyber Games, World e-Sports Games and many more, the country has entire TV channels dedicated to ‘’electronic sports.’’

1. Hong Kong

Honk Kong

The Average Peak Speed : 54.1 Mbps
Trivia : Unlike their neighbors China just across the border, content censorship in HongKong is virtually non-existent, undoubtedly making it No. 1 in the list of the top ten countries with the fastest internet.
Again, unlike speeds just across their borders in China, that has the country ranked at No. 123 in the list of internet speeds; people in HongKong get good government back up in terms of infrastructure and connections to support their blazing fast internet, which would let you download any HD movie at around 4 minutes max.


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Know : Top 10 Countries with Slower Internet Connections


Courtesy and Sources :, David Belson, Wikipedia and Google.

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