Documentary : The Path of the Horse

Haven’t you admired the beauty of a horse running so elegant like the King of Army? Yes everyone admires Horses. In this documentary there are many unknown things about Horses and a fabulous documentary about these Lovely creatures. 

Stormy was a horse trainer, riding instructor and competition judge until the day she realized that somewhere she had gone off course. She made a choice to leave behind the life she knew. She sold her ranch to fund her project, bought a video camera and plane tickets and set out on her odyssey to find a different way of doing things.

The result is the highly acclaimed ‘The Path of the Horse’documentary. Stormy’s hope was that the movie would prompt people to re-evaluate their relationship with their horse, ask questions and share their point of view.

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7 thoughts on “Documentary : The Path of the Horse

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  2. This is more than important. I have loved my brother and sister animals since before I was born. Is this a documentary that can be purchased? Please advise.


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