Amazing Arts and Artists : Photorealism by Pejman

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Amin Sharafsaleh aka Pejman

Amin Sharafsaleh aka Pejman is an Iranian interior designer, photographer and a charcoal portrait artist,

He is immensely interested in hyper realistic artworks. Photorealism is the genre of whole works which he has started recently, proving his talent and creativity in a short time. His artworks are based upon high resolution portrait photographs. Having Photography also as a passion, which is giving him an opportunity to go into details of objects and thus create his portraits more realistic.

Typically his works are in A1 or A0 sizes, taking approximately 30 hours to draw each one. He uses pencil and charcoal and several erasers to draw. Art brush and blending stump are the other tools that help him to complete his drawings.

“The harder the model is, the more enthusiasm I feel to work on it”, says Pejman

You can find more and reach him at and his Page on Facebook: Pejman Drawings

Eyes of the Artist – Done with B8 STAEDTLER pencil, hard charcoal, mechanical eraser, kneaded eraser, electric eraser, art brush. took 7 hours. Size 30X10 cm
Cat – Done with Charcoal and chalk pastel, Took 10 hrs
Smoking Man
Smoking Man – Done with B6 Pencil, Size A4
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe – Done with Charcoal, Fabriano paper, Size: 100×70 cm,Took 25 hrs Done with Charcoal, Fabriano paper, Size: 100×70 cm,Took 25 hrs
Homeless – Done with Charcoal on Fabriano Paper with Kneaded eraser, Mechanical eraser, Electric eraser, White charcoal. Took 30 hrs, Size 100X70
Eye –  Done with Charcoal

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