Picture Speaks : Can you Drop me on North pole? :)

Polar B (8)

Awright mate, any chance of a lift to the North Pole?”

Polar B (7)

“You’re not going that way? Why not? I need to get there”.

Polar B (6)


Polar B (5)

“Look, I am going to sit here until you open the door…”

Polar B (4)

“I have a plan…”

Polar B (3)

“…I’ll just get in the back seat instead!”

Polar B (2)

“Here we go!”

Polar B (1)

“On second thoughts, I could actually do with a walk. See you later!”

“This cheeky polar bear tried to hitch a lift off an unsuspecting driver by clambering into the back of his pick-up truck. The curious creature spent about half an hour inspecting the vehicle and its owner before casually trying to climb aboard. However, the truck must not have been up to scratch because the 7ft bear, weighing approximately 300lbs, promptly jumped back out and sauntered off.

This amazing sequence of events took place Barter Island in the eastern Alaskan Arctic and according photographer Steve Kazlowski, who has been photographing polar bears for the last 15 years, this kind of behavior is not that unusual. Polar bears are a threatened species and one of the main risks for them in the Alaskan arctic is the loss of sea ice as a habitat”.

Courtesy and Source : Steven Kazlowski and Barcroft Media



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