Alert! : They could fool you too : Hoax Messages

Social Media is the easiest way to reach a great number of people within minutes. There is some term called “Fair use” of social media / networking which this Hoax creators never known the meaning for.

If they want to degrade someone with social status, or demean anyone or anything they hate they use cheap ways to spread these hoaxes. Most of our people too will believe them blindly if their idea syncs with that hoax. Just they got something to strengthen their obsessed false beliefs.

Note : I am no politician or supporter of any political party as I take this example below.

Hoax in Facebook

Hoax spread on Facebook

Many people who watch Hollywood movies can recognize the face of Reese Witherspoon, but many pages on Facebook and many websites uses this image of Reese as a hoax of Sonia Gandhi at her young age!

Well not all people are Sonia admirers to oppose it. So as they get something to defame an individual they hate, they are prepared to accept even the lies without thinking about the truth of facts.

Behold, you do not need to be a supporter of an individual or a brand to question something which is ultimately foolish.  If you know that you are aware and authentic of what you believe then obviously you can raise your argument. 

I did the same when I found this image above circulated on FB and on many internet news sites. Sad part is  many people like it, believed it and commented so bad / good about the persons mentioned there. I have made a comment with links to the original image of Reese and got a few people realizing the fact. 

I have no intention to support the congress person neither oppose. My point is there are 3rd persons who use hoaxes to fool the people. This is to just expose them and the truth.

Original image of Reese Witherspoon

Keep this image issue aside, we are bombarded with many hoax information everyday on medicines, religions, history, social issues, etc. It is impossible for one individual to be aware of everything. The hoax spreaders are doing mass influencing on the minds and spoiling ideas of people. So if you know something spread which is unfair and untrue please immediately give your feedback. Also we can make use of websites like‎ ,  to find the truth.

A request to all is that we are in an Information Era; can revolutionize our lives and bring many good changes, only if we use it wisely. Please do not spread Hoaxes and Please do not support/believe hoaxes. Always look for rightful information. 

– Words by Din


2 thoughts on “Alert! : They could fool you too : Hoax Messages

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