Role Models : Chakradhar Gode : IIM Graduate to Milkman

IIM GradWe are witnessing many premium Institutes Graduates step out with differences now a days. Chakradhar Gode An engineer and IIM graduate in Gurgaon has set out on a rather unusual path, with a promise to supply “fresh unadulterated milk” to a niche market. Milk is consumed by people of all ages even infants, we appreciate him for thinking ethical and opting for a socially while most of his fellow graduates might have opted for something usual what we can expect from IIM Products.

Chakradhar Gade, who calls himself the “new corporate breed of milkman”, left his cushy job as an investment banker to set up a milk distribution centre in Gurgaon.

His promise: To provide fresh milk — straight from the farms within 24 hours of milking — at the customer’s doorstep. The product is called ‘Country Fresh Milk’.

Recounting the journey, Chakradhar said the venture began about a year-and-half ago. “The milk sector consisted of traditional cooperatives and the gwala (milkman). We went door-to-door from Sohna to Sector 31, 55-56 and DLF to conduct a survey, during which we found that our target customers were willing to test and pay for something new, but reliable. A lot of residents complained of adulterated or diluted milk. But, they said they had no choice but to consume the ‘adulterated’ milk, most of which was either reconstituted (made from milk powder) or had a higher percentage of water added to the contents before it reached the consumers.”

After studying the market and the milk sector for over six months, Chakradhar concluded that organised supply of milk would be an ideal way to begin his business.

However, the journey has been a challenging one, says Chakradhar. Along with apprehension about his idea would click, there were financial constraints to think of, he says.

But, Chakradhar said his family stood behind him like a rock. “I got some money from my family. My wife, also an IIM graduate, helped with the marketing aspect,” he said.

Asked about the road ahead, Chakradhar said the plan was to expand to other milk products and also supply to customers in Mumbai.

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  1. Hopeless service in suncity called twice but nothing works . Sorry but no product will survive even you name it with IIM


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