Five Thoughts For You : Parenting


Parent_Child5. Character Building starts from Parents > Future : Assured Good Character
Most of the parents believe that they can bring up their kids as a good character and they do not feel the necessity of themselves holding a good character as a role model for their kids. This automatically leads the child to seek inspiration from outside the family, in order to be the character what their parents want in them. If the kids pick up wrong inspirations, it affects them badly. It is important for you to be a role model to your child when it comes to character building.

4. Valuing is the foundation > Future : Loved by Everyone
The key aspect of any relationship is understanding through valuing, for parents it is must not only to understand but also to value the feelings of their children. Be it a silly feeling or a great thought, just value it because at that age that feeling is very important for your child. She/He needs to you by side to explore things with confidence, only such kids when grown up will value others in life.

3. Collaboration is the first thing to be learned > Future : Empathetic Leader
Involve your kids in the house works you do, if they have siblings or neighbor kids, practice them to do things together and sharing things. Socialize the kids with as many people as you can and talk to them about people in an unbiased way. This will make the kids more assertive and expressive leader in the future.

2. Setting up Limits and Limitless > Future : Deep Thinker
Never hesitate to be strict with your kids when it comes to ethics in every aspects they come across. Tell them why there is a need to limit something and un-limit something. You can probably start from explaining why eating less sugar candies though it is their favorite. Ethics what I mean here should be of universal ethics. Say if you smoke, plan how you are going to deal with that habit when your child obviously come to know it, simply ignoring / hiding would probably make your child a smoker too in the future (because children do not know it first hand what is right or wrong) you feeding the right thoughts in them irrespective of your personal stand to it. Note: Always explain them “Why”!

1. Always be an Accessible Friend > Future : Compassionate Human being
Encourage them to explore and be a friend to him/her who can always count you in when it comes to problems. The act of a child hesitating to seek the help of parents when he/she commits a mistake, is the important sign that your parenting is going wrong somewhere. It shows that you are distending them because of some of your behavior may be like beating, threatening, etc. Children who discuss with parents will be better decision makers and get a huge degree of acceptance from others too.

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