Powerful Quote #87 : The Paradox of Trust and Betrayal

Emperor Penguin rejected by other Penguins

If you choose to be true to someone, always trust who is true to you. But it is a paradox, you cannot find who is true unless you trust them 100%. Let trusting be your character, if they choose to fool around you, let it be their character.

In the end you can walk with peace of mind, what they cannot. The guilt will always be there inside them. You may get hurt for being fooled, which will heal soon or later, but they will never get a true soul like you ever in their life. It’s Karma. Just let them go with a  smile and  pray.

-Words by Din

4 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #87 : The Paradox of Trust and Betrayal

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    1. I have just given words to express my feelings of trust, being hurt and rejuvenated myself to see life new in others ‘ happiness. I am filled with peace as it somehow useful to you and others.

      My sincere gratitude to you all and WordPress, will always be there.


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