Photographers’ Destiny : ‘Roots Of India’ by CWC : A Cover Story

Can we freeze time and take it along with us to the future? Photography is a matchless thing which could do that for us. Videos require a device to play. Writing demands a language to feel. But photography is unique, boundless and speaks one universal language through the eyes. A single photograph can capture diversities so unified, simple things in detail and focus on unfocused. A photographer not just captures what we also see, the camera he/she holds can see beyond what his/her own eyes can see.

When it comes to India, we have the largest diversity compared to any other country in the world. The perspectives the nation holds for one is numerous. So do the photographers here in India. Even with a very normal mobile phone camera people come up with spectacular pictures. What makes it happen? Photography is not about the device but about the thinking of the photographer and his view through his/her third eye “The Camera”.

Education for All-Generation next....

Let's pray

Divine Makeup

Way back some 4 years, 3 fellow clickers’ started walking down the streets with their cameras to capture few perspectives. They started to picturize not only some photographs, also their long journey as well. Now they have groomed as Chennai Weekend Clickers, the number 3 has become 1086 members. Nothing unites them than the passion for photography. They walk down the streets, live the moments with people, places, things, and every possible element of our society which we either noticed or unnoticed; they are capturing them beautifully. Now the photo counts have ticked 11650 and counting on.

Parallel world



Walk with CWC

It is as simple as you are going out with your friends, of course with your photo-buddy “The Camera” and capture photographs. Its not just ends with photographing at free will, you get the opportunity to share your ideas, tips and tricks of the trade with fellow photographers. A sheer line of learning interest always connects this group together. 

நிழலும் நிஜமும் | Thazhankuppam

அன்பின் அவதாரம்

At Kaveripattinam..!

The likes of Nat Geo, The Hindu, Times, Deccan chronicle, Ananda Vikatan, Kalki, and numerous other bigger players have accredited them with rewards and recognition. 




Who can join this group?

Anyone with a Camera and must have stuff is “Passion for Photography” can join the CWC group. Be it a beginner or an experienced photographer. You need not to pay any fee for joining as it is a group works for the sole purpose of creating an opportunity for bringing together the photographers and do the best to this art of photography.



Human God

What CWC doing now?

Till date CWC has done 4 Photographic Exhibitions in Chennai and featured more the 1200 discussion threads on photography.

Now they are moving to the next orbits by initiating Roots of India – a group which focused to expand the links of photography across India. Roots of India members counts recently hit 2500 on Facebook, where photographers from many parts of India shares their work and experiences.

Kulasekarapattinam Dasara Festival

Buffalo Race

home sweet home

Boat Ride

We Propel Steps always backed up initiatives for youth and learning practices on any subject matter. For a country like India, platforms like CWC and Roots of India are the perfect place where a novice person with a photographic interest can groom the skills to the next levels and experts can share their tricks of trade with the upcoming photographers too.

Overall CWC and Roots of India are aimed at connecting the cultures, traditions, rituals and lifestyles from the nooks and corners of India with the single art called Photography.

– Words by Din

We recommend you to reach them and get going with any of the following links

Facebook Group of Chennai Weekend clickers :

Facebook Group of Roots of India :

Become a fan of Chennai Weekend Clickers:

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