Appreciate : Woman of Confidence : Devi

Devi @ Work
Devi @ Work

It is rare to find this site in India, Devi, 30 year old graduate from Tiruppur District (Palladam) in Tamilnadu, India was so busy at her salon.

You may find beauticians and parlor where women work. But Devi took up the job from her father after he fell sick due to diabetes. 

Poverty and family situations cornered her, even longer wait for government jobs failed her expectations. But that has not stopped her from keep going on with life. She took up the challenge. Of course challenges are not smooth journeys always. “Initial days I found it very hard to get customers as men felt so shy to come to a woman-run- salon and I was made a laughing stock for many. But I am always confident that what I seen my father doing since I was a child and I learnt from him. Trusting my skills I pushed myself ahead of the challenges.  First the kids started coming then my work did the crowd pulling for me, gathering customers. Soon many men too walked in to hair cut and shave. Now I am busy and taking care of my family well” said Devi.

The likes of Devi are huge inspiration not only for Indian women but also for men. She may not be a million dollar business woman, but surely a woman of confidence and determinacy. We wish her reach more heights in the future and stay successful. 

Courtesy : Tamil News – Facebook (Translated from Tamil)

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  1. Makes one think and question what we have, our abilities, why we take certain things for granted in life, and why we worry so much about what people will say and be scared or doubtful about ourselves. Truly inspirational. Following you.


      1. Well, should I tell I tell yo something honestly? I wanted to re blog each article of your blog. They were all so nice. 🙂

        By the way, thank you so much for following. 🙂


        1. I wonder how I missed your blog ! Awesome posts many are so socially concerned, just as we do here.

          Just glanced through… Many I can reblog here. Sure will visit often now on wards.

          Nice to know your blog. 🙂


        2. Happy to know you liked them. You can always reblog whichever you want.

          I already went through 2-3 articles on your blog and really liked them a lot.


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