Five Thoughts for You : Parents


Superdads and Supermoms

The times of our childhood, during the moments of dark nights and thunders we take asylum to sleep between Mom and Dad. To us they were far stronger than thunders or any darkness, those days. Now we know they are old and weak, are we having a stronger shoulder for them to rest on?


Selfless Love

Dad always gives his share of Ice Cream to me, without getting caught by Mom. Most of the dads knew we like Ice creams, but now only I have come to know from my grandfather that my dad used to love Ice creams more than me. We can never see anyone who give up so much for our happiness.

Mom and Child

World’s Best’est Love 

It’s nature that the Love between soul mates is the strongest bonding than any relationships. But Moms typically defies this nature, have you heard husbands telling their wives “My mom loves us both more than we love each other darling!”. The moment we are born, a mother shifts her love towards her children more than what she has for her soul mate, not biased but on trust Dad will understand her.

parents poor

Who are lucky?

Lucky are not those who were born to a rich parent, but those who can say proud that my parents are my role models. They may not be rich enough to get whatever you want but they are the richest to give everything whatever they have for you.


Make life beautiful

Life is beautiful by default for those who have a beautiful family and loving relations around. All it needs is true love with a flavor of perseverance and understanding. Just what we need to do is value if we have such a parent, if not by bad luck, still you can change things at least from now onwards,  be a good parent as what you dreamt about your parents should have been. Have a Happy Life 🙂

– Words by Din

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  1. Lovely post. My daughter is two and my whole life is around her now. I can totally relate to it. Parenthood is amazing..and is surely not about how much money we can spend on our kids. 🙂


    1. Thank you Preethi mam, glad that you are a concerning mother for your kid. As you wish just make her everyday so special, someday Propel Steps will grow as a larger organisation to unleash the potentials of the students and kids. Hope I do it before your kid grows up 🙂

      We value every single thought of your feedback. Just need your support forever. 🙂



  2. Well invited post. When once we understand the true spirit of which this article is presented, then it flows
    life, like a sweet song and hum along. Nothing looks lifeless. Everything is animated by the Spirit-Force.
    All our efforts will be crowned with success and glory.


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